Remote Desktop Users ost file

Hi all,

I have a server with 5 RDP users and they are all using exchange in Chached mode with access to a couple of mailboxes.
This is filling the primary drive fast and I would like to move the datafiles to a second drive.

Is there a trick to this or do I simply cut the .ost move it to a folder in D drive and just update the pointing file in outlook.

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I think yes and what what exchange are you using. Good practice is copy paste the file. do not cut the file. Just in case anything happen you still have the original copy with you.

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AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
No worries, generally speaking this is what I do :)

I am using Exchange 2010
wait a minute you need to move client side or server side? if you want to move client side i think you can export .pst rather than move ost.
you are talking about outlook now right
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AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
So I have an SBS Server.

Installed on this server I have exchange and Outlook.
When the users log in and open Outlook there .ost file is saved in their user profile. C:\users\Docuements

Exchange is staying in the same location.

I just want to move the .ost to the D Drive instead of the C Drive.
Ok but i dont understand why you not install outlook in client pc?

and need to install it in the server. and user need to remote to your server to open the outlook.

it has security vulnerable there.
AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
At the moment I just need remote workspace for two users.

Eventually, I will setup a second VM with another 8 user accounts however for now this suits the clients needs.

They primarily use the PC with outlook when in the office.
RantCanSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
What about training the users to use OWA?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You should be aware that this is DANGEROUS and any professional consultant I speak to who understands Windows would find making the SBS Server your RDS server a really UNWISE idea.  First, you're violating licensing since the RDS sessions are for ADMINISTRATIVE use and not end users.  Second, SBS has RWA which should allow your users to connect to their OFFICE PCs and not need to connect to the server, giving them full access to all applications.  Third, giving ANY user access to work on the SBS server is providing a door to instability in terms of users accidentally doing something they shouldn't, including infecting the SERVER with a virus.  

I would STRONGLY recommend you stop this NOW and implement the product the way it was intended with RWA allowing for remote access - it's more full featured anyway and more secure!
Another thing, what are you using cached mode for? That makes absolutely no sense at all. Cached mode really only makes sense for mobile PC's like Laptops which aren't always connected to the exchange server, the only use is that then you can still view your mails. When connected to a Terminal server to an RDC session you can expect that the exchange server is always accessible to that terminal server. So why strain the LAN more than necessary so your OST files get synchronized with the server, and why have those ost's waste disk space?
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