How can I make a working link in HTML with an apostrophe?

I need to add an affiliate ID to a link to a working web page. That web page is at this address:'-newest-2/

Note the apostrophe, or single quote mark, or whatever it is at the end of "samovitz"

If I paste this into my HTML program so I can add my affiliate  code at the end of that line, it appears as:

and that doesn't work as a link.

I have looked up other codes, such as


and placed them where the apostrophe appears, and none of them work.

NOTE: The apostrophe appears in my browser as slightly slanted, somewhat like this: / but is definitely not a slash. You may want to look at the actual web page to see it, if that makes a difference.

Now, don't laugh...I am using MS FrontPage 2002 to build this page. It has served me well to make simple pages for years.

What's the fix for this?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Just don't do it.  A single quote is not a legal character in a URL or web address.  There are several characters that aren't.  To use them anywhere in a URL or query string they must be 'url-encoded' like the encoding in
 ... except that is for UTF-8 character set.  It does work in Firefox though.

More info:
RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
The fix is "just don't do it?"

This simply doesn't answer my question. Show me--spell out the exact line for me, how do I get that stinkin' mark in there? Obviously the original link DOES work online.

I looked at the pages suggested and tried to insert the code where the apostrophe (or single quote mark, or whatever it is) appears, using all possible codes one at a time to make sure I was using the correct one: %27, %60, %80, %91, %92, %B4. Nothing worked.

Note this:

  Screenshot 1
See the bottom of the screen? That link is what appears if I move the cursor over the link as seen above. Here's an enlarged view:


Notice the
RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Oops...sorry for the incomplete response above. This message interface is not as simple as it pretends to be....
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RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Well, here it is, anyway. Notice the weird code that has been somehow automatically created and inserted where the apostophe is supposed to be.

Can anyone help/spell out the code so I can get my affiliate link in there at the tail end of this line?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Your first link above turns the apostrophe into %27 in Firefox and brings up a blank page.  Your second link above brings up a working page... which means that the 'funny apostrophe' is what you used to name your page.  But no matter what you do, a regular apostrophe or single quote will never be a valid character in a URL.

Did you even read the articles I linked above?
RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Not to be rude, but where do you think I got those codes? Did you not see the paragraph I wrote which reads:

I looked at the pages suggested and tried to insert the code where the apostrophe (or single quote mark, or whatever it is) appears, using all possible codes one at a time to make sure I was using the correct one: %27, %60, %80, %91, %92, %B4. Nothing worked.

You say " a regular apostrophe or single quote will never be a valid character in a URL." I get that. My questions still stands: what EXACTLY should I use to create a link to the page in question? What is the specific HTML coding?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You are apparently not understanding what I wrote.  Your second link with %E2%80%99 does work (and gives you those funny symbols).  That means that you did Not use a regular apostrophe or single quote when you created the directory name on the server, you used the character represented by %E2%80%99.  If it was my site, I would remove the codes and not use any kind of apostrophe in the URL.  Using the %E2%80%99 version means that almost no one could ever type it in correctly.  By the way, the funny symbols also mean that there is a character set mismatch between the page and the text.

I would rename the directory to "bringing-home-the-jackpots-jerry-samovitz-newest-2" (without an apostrophe of any kind) so that would work.
RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
OK, we do have some miscommunication and I may not have made myself perfectly clear.

The  page to which I am trying to link is NOT one of mine. It is on someone else's website. I am trying to link to it FROM a page on a website of my own making, and this is where the problem lies. In trying to create a link in HTML, all my attempts result in the goofy bunch of characters as displayed in Screenshot 2 above.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I'm afraid you're stuck with the 'goofy characters' version because that is what they did when they set it up.  The only thing you might do to make it look better is to change the character set on your page to UTF-8.  It looks like it's currently some version of Latin-1 which is why you get goofy characters instead of the 'fancy' apostrophe.

This is interesting.  I made a demo at and the supposed Latin-1 version works as a link and the UTF-8 version doesn't for some reason.

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RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Hmmm, I posted a comment and it didn't go, so let's do it here...THANK YOU for your patience and help. The link on your demo page WORKED just fine when I pasted it into my FrontPage HTML page for this particular product.

One odd thing, did not work when I simply cut and pasted it, and the idea struck me that maybe I should just copy and paste ONLY the ' character into the cut and paste (along with my affiliate ID at the end of the line).  I did that and BINGO, it worked just the way it should--WITH the ' character showing up in the working link.

So....YOU DA MAN! I really appreciate your helping me out.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Thanks.  You did exactly what I did, copied the character.  I honestly don't know exactly what's going on there and I was surprised that it worked that way.
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