Outlook 2013 - quickly create a recurring meeting - which occurs at different times

hi Folks
I have a customer who is changing from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Is there a way to create a meeting (which has the same people etc) and which occurs every week..but on different days. As far as I can see it's not possible to do that in Outlook with recurring items so I'm trying to find out if there is another way.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I could of course say that the customer should have kept his Domino server and use Outlook with it, he wouldn't have had this problem (nor several others yet to come), but I'm not going to...

Instead, I'll send you a link to a page where the author describes a way to put the meetings in Outlook. I'm not an Outlook Expert, but it seems a sensible way. Hope the info on this page works for your customer: http://www.msoutlook.info/question/549

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I do this a lot.

Open your calendar, make an appointment current, then press Ctrl-C.  Go to the next day (or whatever), click on the time and press Ctrl-V.  

With this method, you can Copy once (Ctrl-C) and Paste many times (Ctrl-V).  

I use this for setting my base calendar 6 months out. The days and time of the same appointments are always changing and the above method solves the issue.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Wouldn't that be a manually recurring meeting?  ;-))

And does that work just as well, e.g. with invitees? Mails are sent, invitations are accepted, etc. ?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Outlook cannot place the same meeting on Monday this week, Wednesday next week, Tuesday the week after. It cannot do this.

That is why I copy / paste as I describe. Everything in the appointment gets copied, but my appointments are fairly plain.
agwalshAuthor Commented:
yes, will pass that on as well. I had actually shown her that as it happens...but she has migrated from Lotus notes where apparently you can do recurring meetings at random times....
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