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Ram upgarde for acer Travelmate 4200 Model BL50


We have 20 acer Travelmate 4200 Model BL50 which was running XP on 1Gb of RAM and wanted to install windows 7 on these laptops.
The RAM on this laptop was 512MBx2.
PSC 512MB PC2-5300 DDR2-667 667MHz Laptop Memory Ram AS6E8E63B-6E1A

So i ordered 2GB stick the following RAM 2GB x1

Now if i remove one 512mb stick and replace with 2GBand it will give a total of 2.5GB  will this work ok ?
Or is it bettrer to remove both the 512MB sticks and replace with a single 2GB RAM stick.

Please suggest


8 Solutions
Are you using a 32 bits system (Win7 32 bits edition). If so, it's normal less than 4GB is assigned to the system. If you want to save money, and don't think the extra 0.5GB is worth the price of the 2GB module, going for single 2GB will save you money, and only a very slight dent in performance (compared to the full 2.5GB).
It's always better to have both RAM modules with the same specs.

According to the ACER user manual, the laptop supports up to 4GB of memory.

I would remove both modules and run only the single 2GB module.

This laptop is approximately 8 years old or so. You would be better off purchasing a new laptop.
Mixing a 2 GB and a 512MB module will not have any noticeable negative performance effects. Although it is better to have matching pairs of memory modules, the difference in speed is so small that you will only see performance inprovements in benchmarks, but not in real life.

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The TravelMate 4200 has a Core Duo processor, and will run Windows 7 quite nicely (although clearly not as fast as a new machine).

It supports dual channel memory, so the optimal performance will be with a pair of matching modules.    It will, however, run in a non-optimal dual channel mode with two modules of different sizes installed, which is still faster than single channel mode, so I would leave both modules installed.    This will also give you more memory (2.5GB vs. 2GB if you just used a single module).
I would use both then increase your shared video memory in the bios to the max. I believe you can go up to 224mb shared video memory.
from the specs :  ftp://ftp.support.acer-euro.com/notebook/travelmate_4200/manual/tm4200_en.pdf
System memory 256/512 MB of DDR2 533/677 MHz memory, upgradeable
to 2 GB using two soDIMM modules (dual-channel support)

so it seems the 2 GB sticks are not supported; max = 1 GB stick x2

it is possible the 2 GB sticks do work - but not supported by Acer
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I suspect the Acer documentation is simply wrong.    The 945 chipset supports 2GB modules, and several online memory finders show 2GB modules are supported - including both Crucial and Kingston.    It's almost certain the laptop will work fine with 2GB modules, but the only way to absolutely confirm that is to try one -- it won't cause any harm if it happens to not work; but I'm very confident it will work just fine.
When a new memory type is released you usually don't yet get them for the same capacity as you do at a later stage. So probably when the laptop was built only 1GB DDR2 modules were available, and the specifications were written for what was the biggest DDR2 module available at the time.

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