Free/ very Low price Phone Calls

I have been looking for Free, or at least the lowest prices of phone calls.
I looked the website below, but it just not easy to pick the right one.
I wonder if anyone out there has used those types of software , and how efficient they are in matter of price and quality.

Thank you
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Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
In the past, I wanted to setup my laptop to make and receive phone calls using a softphone.  While others I spoke with got it to work, I had to give up.  Maybe the NSA was breaking my internet connection because it was difficult to monitor.  :-)    I have used Buster and Stunt which are the same company if I recall correctly, and a couple others.  This activity of mine took place about 1-2 years ago.  I could make the free test call from the website free call button, but the service was unreliable for making calls.  customer service was very difficult to obtain.  I finally found someone representing the European company here in the US  where I reside.  I called them on the regular phone to ask about VoIP and they use it every day for all phone calls with no trouble. They didn't know why I couldn't get it to work properly.   I could not get it to function reliably for me.  I downloaded a very cool softphone also and it worked when the VoIP sites worked properly.  VoIP is what Skype is doing so we know the technology is pretty reliable.  Why my use failed remains a mystery.  I have done a great deal of Skype and the only thing I noticed, is losing the connection sometimes which could have been merely my older laptop and version of Skype and windows.  This same problem occurred with Buster and Stunt when I could get it working.  The guess at the time was it was not switching satellites smoothly as the planet turns, like cell phones switch from cell tower to cell tower.  But I could never even confirm use of satellites.  There is resistance in the US for paying for the use of cabling to homes and businesses.  So maybe there is a real legal issue with a large lobby.

Ooma may be a good solution since you are paying something, which may keep your connection open.  They also get good reviews.

My previous employer would call me very frequently on Magic Jack.  It didn't sound very good, but the price was right.  Also have to deal with plugging hardware it into laptop and keeping configuration software running smoothly.  Maybe they have made advances since back then.

VoIP offers a lot of flexibility at a low cost.  I still like the idea of having a softphone on my computer, but I was forced to go with a standard mobile phone and pay, in order to get the reliability that I need.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
In case you were not aware, I wanted to mention Skype also has a pay feature.  If you must place overseas calls frequently as I did, you may want to call a phone rather than another Skype connection from computer to computer.  Skype offers the ability to put money on your account so you can pay very low rates per minute to call overseas to a telephone.  Pretty reliable and good sound if your computer microphone and speaker and sound circuitry are good quality.  The person on the other end may complain about not being able to hear you, if you call with lesser quality hardware.  When my previous employer would call me using an iPad with a softphone, it was very very difficult to hear. Unusual for Apple products.  Cannot remember which softphone was on the iPad.  Skype app on cell phones always sounded really good.

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