Can't erase hard drive to virgin status

I bought a brand new Western Digital 3TB drive to format and load windows 7 Ultimate.  The short story is I made a mistake and now have two unallocated spaces. I did this within Win 7 using another computer.  One is fine and I can create a partition if I wish.  I did do this with Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 but then when I went to create a partition from the second allocated space it will not allow me to do anything with the space.  I then deleted the "good" partition thinking that would solve the problem, but it did not.  See the two images attached.  You will see in the good allocated space (on left) the program will allow me to do anything I want to it.  The other unallocated space (on right) leaves me with no real options.  I can't delete, format, partition, resize, nothing at all.  I even opened it in Win 7 disk management and it is the same.  Both programs see the unallocated space but can do NOTHING about it! Other strange things I noticed during my "mistake".  Some warnings said the drive was not initialized, I also noticed the drive has no label name.  I admit my mistake, but all I want to do is bork the drive back to its' original virgin condition and start over.  I am a mid level experience guy on computers and have set up HDDs many times, but I have no clue what I did or how to fix it. Very frustrating.  Please help.  I want to do the easiest thing possible and be able to get back to virgin state and create one large partition to load Win 7 and then assuming it would be "normal"  I can simply go in and resize, create more partitions, just like I've always done.
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Tyler VerkadeCommented:
Personally, I'd get a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD, and boot into DBAN to run a quick disk wipe on the drive.

Download UBCD ISO:
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
In Win 7 disk management, you should see a right-click option to initialize (usually over on the left).
Then you should be able to delete partitions
You will have to convert the disk to GPT. That deletes any partitions on it. A disk needs to be a GPT disk in order to be able to access space above 2TB.

If you want to install windows 7 to this disk, you will have to use the 64bit version AND your BIOS will have to be an UEFI BIOS. With a conventional BIOS and/or 32 bit Windows version, you can't install the OS to a GPT disk and won't be able to boot from it. So if either one of the above requirements isn't met with your system, you would be better off installing the OS to another disk, and using the 3TB one as a 2nd Disk just for data.

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No need for the lengthy wipe process DBAN offers.
Connect it to any running Windows System xp or higher. Open an elevated command prompt, type
diskpart [press enter}
list disk
select disk x (if x is the number of the disk in question)

That's all, back to virginity.
ArtG2521Author Commented:
Thanks, rindi, that worked.
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