Official Friday Lounge Softball Question

Posted on 2014-07-11
    Last Modified: 2014-10-30
    Answer the following questions for easy poinks:


    How's it goin, eh?


    What management fails have you seen lately?  I witnessed a 'Bueller' moment on Monday, where a PM I haven't met before attends a project meeting and asks everyone repeatedly if they know what 'CTJ' means, which no one did.  
    When I asked him 'Since you called the meeting, why don't you tell us?' he said Come to Jesus.  Made the guy look like a combination of Ben Stein in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' and the evil boss from Office space.


    What annoying work rules have you observed? Apparently there's a rule at my current client that really loud conference calls on speaker phones are perfectly acceptable.


    Name the movie that has a character that most resembles yourself.


    On I dunno, make something up here.
    Question by:Jim Horn
      LVL 13

      Accepted Solution

      1. Okay.
      2. None that I can think of. I work for myself. What does "come to Jesus" mean?
      3. Technically, that's not a rule, that's a policy.
      4. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
      5. Don't believe anything they tell you!
      LVL 24

      Assisted Solution

      by:Dufo G. Belski
      1.  Wicked pissah
      2.  No (the joys of retirement)
      3.  At one job, many moons ago, it was verboten to go to break and come back through the waiting room.
      4.  Air Force One (see scan below)
      5.  I don't really look like Harrison Ford.  Well, maybe a little.
      LVL 20

      Assisted Solution

      1 - Same 'ole
      2 - Shouldn't religion stay out of the workplace?
      3 - Don't discuss religion and politics in the office.
      4 - Princess Bride
      5 - At one place I help out, we renamed the Administrator account on servers.
      LVL 17

      Assisted Solution

      by:Horn E. Towed
      1    How's it goin, eh?
      OK for a Monday

      2    What management fails have you seen lately?  
      My employer decided that he had paid me too much for work I had performed for him and wanted me to refund about 40% of it.
      After a couple of weeks of "talk" I resigned from the company.
      Last year he sent me to China for training on the machines he is selling. I was the only employee with that training and now he has no US support for the machines.

      3    What annoying work rules have you observed?
      My alarm clock insists on going off when I'm trying to continue sleeping.

      4    Name the movie that has a character that most resembles yourself.

      5    On I dunno, make something up here.
      Language of the Unheard
      LVL 17

      Assisted Solution

      A1: Fair to middlin'.

      A2:  Bring your guns to town, son.  Leave your religion at home, boy.

      A3:  Microwave popcorn only allowed on designed days.  Interestly our CEO is a popcorn farmer.  I guess the smell is to distracting.

      A4:  Meet the Fockers (I am the secretive parent)

      A5:  Holy cow, I seen a gas price today below $3.50 USD/US gallon.  Amazing, I think I will take a trip and reduce the supply.
      LVL 24

      Assisted Solution

      1.  Great finally Friday
      2.  Having management do my work because they thought I was too busy
      3.  You can only wear jeans on Friday (Why no one comes to see me unless they are F***ed and then who cares)
      4.  Forrest Gump
      5.  It is Friday
      LVL 19

      Assisted Solution

      1. Very busy day/evening at work! No friday for me!!
      2. Management fails? Omg where do I begin. When the sup said he liked my hair and I replied it was cut last week.. he got mad and said that was disrespectful (why?) and showed up late that night drunk and yelling at me. I may have talked about that one before. He's not bad.. just a total ass sometimes. Paranoid nutcase!
       3. Rules.. that would be nice!
      4. I am like no one else. Really. Although if I were younger I'd relate to the Ann of Green Gables character. Or Maggie Hayward in Point of No Return.
      5. I discovered late in life that one shouldn't put tomatoes in the fridge.
      LVL 15

      Assisted Solution

      1. depressing after days of gray skies and rain, but good now I have 5 days leave from today
      2. One of the stores in our chain had a theft. The manager contacted the area manager, who talked to the GM and the upshot was that the store manager was informed NOT to notify the loss prevention manager.
      3. Everything is all right but only if we do it the Area Managers way.
      4. Office Space
      5. The end of the world is nigh. Prepare to be boarded.
      LVL 17

      Assisted Solution

      by:Horn E. Towed
      I'm trying to find those tomatoes I put in the fridge.
      LVL 24

      Assisted Solution

      1) eh
      2) waitresses must share their tips with coworkers
      3) health care emergencies must be requested and approved 3 days in advance
      4) not
      5) bottoms up

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