MS Project Backward scheduling

I am in need of backward scheduling part of a MS Project ganntt.  Let me try to explain what I have.

1. Envision if you will a set of tasks say Task 1 through 5 with a start and end date.
          a. Note this end date will move around based on delays and such

2. This end date is now what I need to schedule the remainder of my tasks, (say Task 6 through 10) to finish on that date based on the duration of each task that is assigned to it so I can know the latest date I can start the task to finish by above end date.

I hope this is clear and easy to do but ATM I am having trouble making this work

Thank you in advance for any help
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Try some As Late As Possible (ALAP) tasks, then in subsequent phase the standard ASAP tasks, with appropriate dependencies.
some ALAP some ASAPsome-alaps.msp.xml
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:

if I get this right you have a calculated finish date from the first five tasks and want to make sure that another set of Tasks doesn't run later that this date. Right?
Then I would enter the calculated date from the first set of tasks and enter this as "Due Date" (existing standard field in Microsoft Project, add to your table on the left side of the view) for the other tasks. This leads to something very similar as backward calculation as it calculates the buffer (and hence the "critical" attribute) for each task against this date. To make it more dynamic you can copy the "Finish" date of the first set of tasks  and "Paste Special" -> "Link" to the "Due date". This will always update the "Due date" automatically when the finish date changes.

SHOWING the early or late date in a Gantt is just based on the definition of the "Gantt Chart" but I guess you need a way of CALCULATING it correctly.

Hope this helps

BlackbeltrrfAuthor Commented:
Thank you to all who offered their help.  I was able to work it out with your help.
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