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I have a script that I run on a SQL Server 2008 and it works fine. My problem or need is that the script is a query that does a condition on the select with a where  X in (a, b, c, d, e,). Specifically I want to search a table where the rows are a, b, c, d, e, etc. (a,b,c,d,e are policy numbers).  As I state the script works when I manually input the policy numbers and my problem is that I can copy/paste the policy numbers into the In ( ) but I am limited to 8000 characters which is the max amount of characters allowed. I have 1000's of policy numbers that are all 16 characters.
Any ideas that would allow me to input all my policy numbers at once?
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Bob BenderCommented:
If you have a list of policies that can be extracted from a table with a common theme, you can use a Nested SQL statement.   A SQL nested query is a SELECT query that is nested inside a SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE SQL query.

A simple example of SQL nested query

SELECT Model FROM Product
WHERE ManufacturerID
IN (SELECT ManufacturerID FROM Manufacturer WHERE Manufacturer = 'Dell')

The nested query (withinin the IN clause) will select all models from the Product table manufactured by Dell:

Inspiron B120
Inspiron B130
Inspiron E1705


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SeTechAuthor Commented:
Bob -- that looks like it will work. Thanks Much
Starting SQL 2005 the varchar allows MAX size:

Declare @value_list varchar(MAX)='<values list here>'

The limit is 2GB.
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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
Load the policy numbers into a keyed temp table and join to it.

CREATE TABLE #policy_numbers (
    policy_number char(16) PRIMARY KEY
INSERT INTO #policy_numbers
SELECT ...list of policy#s...

FROM data_table dt
INNER JOIN #policy_numbers pn ON
    pn.policy_number = dt.policy_number
What is the volatility of the parameter? (do you change it often or infrequently or rarely)

Where do you copy/paste the policy numbers from?
Bob BenderCommented:
Thanks for the vote of confidence  :D
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