IE9 not sending Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate

My Internet Explorer is not sending below line in the header-
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate

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I confirmed this by checking the response content type in IE DeveloperTools. "TEXT/HTML" is appearing there in "Type" field.

FireFox browser, is sending GZIP in the header and getting the compressed response.

How can I enable GZIP for IE?
Ravi KallaTechnology LeadAsked:
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The link is http or https ?
Is it okay let us know the exact link site path so that  we can try it at our side with Charles http proxy debugger

Could you try this follows to see any improvement ?

-1 On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options.
-2 Click the Advanced tab.
-3 In the Settings box, scroll down to the Security section, and then make sure that the Do not save encrypted pages to a disk check box is not selected.

Hope understand your question completely.If not, please point it out.

Ravi KallaTechnology LeadAuthor Commented:
It is HTTP link. As it is intranet site, exact link may not be useful. I enabled gzip on the server side and it is working for FireFox browser.

gzip is not working for IE browser only as it is not sending Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate in its header.

And yes "Do not save encrypted pages to a disk" check box is not selected.
Could you use Fiddler or Charles http debugger as following links to view the request and response  instead of using IE developer tools ?
Probably you can view  Accept-Encoding:gzip. The issue may be
due to inspect process from  IE developer tools

Similar issue for Content-encoding happen before from this link
due to IE developer tools ( article date in 2012)

Have you received compressed raw data or decompressed file data completely from both IE and FF regardless of Accept-encoding issue on IE developer tools ?

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Ravi KallaTechnology LeadAuthor Commented:
I found that IE is sending "Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate" in the request header with the help of -
DeveloperTools->Network->StartCapturing->Select a request and click "Go to detailed view"->Request headers

I confused earlier as the Response header doesn't contain "Content-Encoding : gzip" in it even though GZIP coming to the IE browser. Reason for this is-

IE decodes(or decompresses) the response even before pushing the header to DeveloperTools. So, it is not shown as compressed content in the response header. Where as in FireFox, RAW response is shown in the FireBug where in we can see “Content-Encoding : gzip” in the response header and then uncompression is done.

Reference link.

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Ravi KallaTechnology LeadAuthor Commented:
Though my own solution is perfect fit for my need, "duncanb7" has provided some good links and answer.
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