If I have a system with 2 SSD drives, should I install Windows 7 on one drive by itself?

What is best way to install Win7 with 2 SSD drives in system
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Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
if it's have raid option then create raid... either raid 0 or raid 1....

if u dont have raid built in hardware ..even you can install on 1 hdd and after complete installation you can change drives to dynamic disk and still tou can create raid level ..

all the best
Just install the OS to one of the disks like you would with a normal HD. Don't use RAID 0, the SSD should be fast enough without having to risk data loss using RAID 0. If you want to use RAID 1, then use the Windows Built-in RAID capability, it is far more reliable than any fake-RAID controller (which all cheap built-in RAID controllers of PC's are), and it is also faster. It is often also better than real Hardware RAID controllers, particularly as many won't properly support SSD's.
It depends on how you want to use your drives and store your information really. I normally install my OS on a smaller SSD and store all of my files on Drives. then use Backups for safeguard of data.

RAID 1 (Blocks Mirrored), you will loose half of your possible storage
RAID 0 (Blocks Stripped), you don't loose storage per-say, but if you loose a drive, you loose both's information

RAID 0: Great for benchmarks not so great in real world...
The performance differences when booted up and shut down Windows 8, then firing up different applications, are marginal at best and not noticeable in practice. Single drives actually manage to outperform the striped arrays some of the time.

Use this RAID calculator, perhaps it will help: https://www.icc-usa.com/raid-calculator

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To decide what's the best, you would have to say in what respect you mean it.
What are you trying to do? Of couse you can use RAID, but is this what you mean to do?
how are both drives installed, and the OS ?  in raid, or separate drives for OS and data ?
what system are we talking about ?
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