Large file size on "Convert to PDF"

In Lotus 8.5, we use the "Convert to PDF" menu entry to save emails with attachments for compliance purposes.   This is in the Action menu, and it converts emails in a list view (e.g. Inbox) to PDF files with their attachments.  Attachments are not included with Print to PDF.

If I use Print to PDF and detach the attachment I get maybe a 15KB file for the email and whatever the file size is for the attachment, say, for this example, 20KB.

If I apply Convert to PDF to the same email, it comes out to about 610KB every time.

Is there a way to get Convert to PDF to create smaller files with attachments?
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Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
Probably not. Many of those conversion softwares will essentially take the file and apply a PDF 'wrapper'. This wrapper will add extra data to the file which is most likely what you are seeing. This is almost exactly like all-in-one printer programs that take a scan and save it as PDF - the scans are generally .TIF files that get saved with a .PDF 'wrapper'.

What you could do if you want them smaller is to save the document as normal, then open them and 'print' them with a PDF printer, like CutePDF or AdobePDF printer if you have a conversion software installed. Sometimes those softwares will shrink the file further.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
AFAIK, "Convert to PDF" isn't a standard Notes feature, which makes me assume that you have a 3rd-party product that generates these PDF files for you, in both cases (Adobe PDFMaker?).

All I can suggest is that
1) you try to configure the PDF conversion package, e.g. to generate JPG instead of TIF
2) you contact the developers of the package, to ask them about options to reduce the file size
Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
He is not saving as a TIF, but as a PDF. His file size is larger than he expected based on the original data vs. the newly created PDF. Saving as a JPG would completely go against what he is trying to do - Archive the mailbox into a PDf with the attachments embedded as PDFs. You can't do this by making a JPG (picture file) - that would be like displaying the Inbox on your computer screen and taking a snapshot of the display with a camera and expecting the attachments to be available in the picture.

A basic or free conversion app will not usually have a compression feature like Adobe Acrobat Pro, which means the file size will be at least as large as the original data if not larger, like he is experiencing.
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Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
Your best results will probably be with using the print to PDF option instead of the "Convert to PDF" menu entry.  Most PDF printers like CutePDF will create much smaller files.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Did I say anywhere that TIF files are being saved? Nope, didn't, nor did I suggest to save JPG files.

In standard Notes there is no such thing as a "Convert to PDF" menu option, so it must be an add-on. The drawback of any emulated PDF printer solution (of which I prefer PDFCreator) is that the attachment isn't included in the print. I assume it's the attachments that's included in the page of the PDF file that somehow blows up the file size.

IMHO you have to ask the makers of "Convert to PDF", I think it's Adobe themselves.
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codequestAuthor Commented:
Aha!  Your suggestions helped!  It is indeed an Acrobat add-on (of course!)  And it has Settings control panel, and a setting for "save as Portfolio".  When you turn that off, the file size goes down to rational measures.

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Much Thanks!

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