We are upgrading Coldfusion to version 10. Can we stay with SQL 2005?

We are upgrading our server and installing Coldfuion 10.  Would you recommend staying with SQL 2005?  

I am planning on selling my company in the next year so I don't really want to purchase the new SQL if I don't have to.  

Please tell me the reasons why keeping SQL 2005 would not be a good idea.
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There are absolutely no valid reasons not to stay with SQL 2005.

Here is a blog dealing with the only issue seen with this (User account issues)

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Just to add to that .. CF10 supports SQL Server 2005, so there is no technical reason you cannot use it. However, it looks like its reached EOL, so if you need to stay up to date with patches, etc... you might to upgrade anyway.
DelAuthor Commented:
Someone just suggested to me that we get SQL Server 2008.  I found one on ebay that says it can run up to 10 cals.  Since my new server will have 12 cores, does that mean it absolutely needs to be licensed for 12 cals or would it just use 10 of them?
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No your CAL will be based on the number of devices accessing SQL.

It seems in your instance it will just be your one (or more webservers) communicating with SQL  so you should be good.

Read this to get a better understanding of SQL CAL
DelAuthor Commented:
Wow! that would bring my cost from thousands to just under $1000.  However I also saw a note saying it is licensed for a single CPU.
This will help you figure out your processor licensing http://blogs.softchoice.com/microsoftnavigator/licensing/sql-server-processor-licensing-%E2%80%93-when-does-it-make-sense/

It still may not be as expensive as you think just check your server

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DelAuthor Commented:
Thank you, becraig.  You have given me lots to review.  I believe at this point I will upgrade to the 2008 R2 Standard.
DelAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your patience with me as I am learning about this kind of thing.
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