Monitor traffic in sonicwall pro 3060

hello guys,

I currently have 1 sonicwall pro 3060 and about 3 24 port switches were i have about 60 servers connected. My users connect to about 10 terminal servers that are behind the sonicwall. I would like to monitor the bandwidth usage and create some type of alert email/text system were we get notified if upload ordownload exceeds the thresh hold that we have set like for example the upload goes beyond 10MBps and we get alerted. what type of software or hardware solution do you guys recommend so i can accomplish this? please keep in mind that i want to keep this sonicwall in place while doing this.
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Solarwinds has a free bandwidth monitor that I've used with a tz210 over snmp, so that should work with the pro3060. I don't remember if it has email alerts or if that needed the paid version

Spiceworks, nagios, prtg, the dude, and a bunch of other network monitoring tools can do this. There are lots of questions on ee about free network monitoring tools, here is one:
Cholo123Author Commented:
i have spiceworks installed, do you know of any tutorial or video that i can use to create bandwidth monitoring alerts or reports?
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
first spiceworks has to see the device (snmp) and get reports

there is a plugin to put some charts on your homepage

After you get this working, you have to do the alerts manually

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Cholo123Author Commented:
i created an alert which the condition is if any NIC card  exceeds 1024kb/sec to send me email alert. Do you have an idea how this condition works in regards to how of often is the server query to see if the NIC is execeding 1024kb/sec? and for how long does the NIC card have to be in steady 1024/kb/sec to alert me?  

My users log into this server by terminal services and what i would like to accomplish is to monitor these servers and notify me when users are uploading data off the server to remote site on any given port. The files that i cannot allow to be uploaded are in the size of gigabytes. I cant allow my users to upload any data of this server. the data is confidential.

thanks alot for your help, i appreciated.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
This is still a hard request to pull off. The only thing that comes to mind is something that can monitor flows like scrutinizer

Nagios can definately do this, but the learning curve is a bit steep
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