Setting up a PHP test server in Dreamweaver

I have been sent a folder containing all the files downloaded from a previuosly live PHP / MySQL based website. I am trying to setup a local test server in Dreamweaver so I can view and edit the website as required but I'm unsure how to do so. Could someone please provide me with a guide on how to go about setting up a local test server for my site.
Many Thanks.
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What is your mean setting up a local test server for mysite ? What is "mysite" ? You want to setup your computer as local apache server with php operation. if so, you can download xampp for window at

After xampp installation, you can put all file webpage downoad from live PHP / MySQL based website into local folder at c:\xampp\htdocs, and then you can open it on  your local computer IE or FF browser by typing http://localhost if those file is webpage.

http://localhost will point to c:\xampp\htdocs folder on your PC after
command of xampp_start run

Hope understand your question.If not , please point it out

Ray PaseurCommented:
Dreamweaver is not really part of the setup.  It's an editor that you might use after the server is set up and running.  Here are some links that may be helpful.

If you're going to be using MySQL, you need to be aware of this:

Best of luck with your project, ~Ray
sfosAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help so far guys. I've installed and set up Xampp and my site is recognising it through dreamweaver, however, I am now getting the following message when I try to load any of the pages from my site in dreamweaver:
Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server.
I'm really not sure what isn't set up correctly. Any thought?
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go to  run c:\xampp\xampp_start that you can run apache server (I am not sure where you installed xampp, just guess at c:\xampp)
Could you run http://localhost on IE or Chrome or FF browser's address bar  to see any webpage ?
the index.html page at c:\xampp\htdocs\index.html for default page

At c:\xampp\, type dir xampp*.*, you can see  xampp_control, xampp_start,  xampp_stop

sfosAuthor Commented:
Yes, Apache server is running. If I goto  http://localhost in Chrome I get the Xampp logo and some language options
just following the instruction  or work around, you can do it later.

And it is xampp default index.html at example path c:\xampp\htdocs you can change to other
index page your like., for example, just copy index.html to index.html.bak
and then create  or copy other website index.html you like.

You can download all webpage from external website and saved into c:\xampp\htdocs
or other directory, for example, you can save index page to

And then go to http://localhost/yourdir, it will display yahoo page.

So now your computer xampp act as apache server.  when you go Dreamwaver, you
can go to http:/local or its other directory such as http://local/yourdir
I think now you know what xampp server is doing for you , Right ?
that is similar your account on hosting company such as Goddy but it
is free from using your local computer as apache sever.
If others want to go your local computer site, you need to give
him the computer  IP or DNS domain address pointed to your computer  so that others can come to your computer for web browser server

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sfosAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that's just what I needed to know :)
typing mistake http://localhost not http://local

Thanks for your points

Hava a nice day

Be reminded you can type IP such as http://localhost
for web browsering

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