Skyedrive for buisness

I set up Skydrive for business for my friend and I told him to copy all his files to the Skydrive.
I called me and he most of his files had red cross on them. I went to him and saw the crosses.
I opened the Skydrive icon and selected Repair and the I told my friend to leave the computer on network over night to sync all the files.

But the day after he called me again. Now almost 30-50% of his folders was empty.
No files there. So I went to him again.
I could see there was lot of files missing but I did not see why. So asked him to copy again what he was missing.
But there started the trouble. He did not copy the files to Skydrive he did move them so he has no backup. Skydrive where supposed to be his secure place to keep his files.

What might be the problem with Skydrive and is there and way to recover these files ?
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I told him to copy all his files to the Skydrive.<< this is not the proceedure, Skydrive either has a folder in his computer where he puts all his files that syncs them, or open Skydrive and upload.
I get the impression he cut rather copied the files to Skydrive .
I don't believe there is anyway to recover when cut and paste is used and there was a problem in the transfer.
Had he used copy his files would still be there in his computer or in Skydrive on his system
BTW it is nolonger called Skydrive rather Onedrive.
Has he looked in SkyDrive/ Onedrive folder on his computer?
Ask him if he used cut and paste instead of copy?
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soffcecManagerAuthor Commented:
Well he did do cut and paste. There is OneDrive for Business  app on the computer who sync his folder under C:\Users\Username\SkyDrive Pro. He told me he did put all the files there.
This folder is fully synced to the cloud. I am going to take a better look at his computer and see if has has put the missing files somewhere else.
To my knowledge had they been deleted and the bin emptied it was recoverable through software, but since it was a cut and paste.
The keys>I called me and he most of his files had red cross on them<< a red cross indicates they have been moved.
Sourced from Microsoft
There are certain characters in the file name that are not acceptable to SkyDrive.  When the file is either deleted or the unacceptable character is replaced or deleted, then the red X goes away.  This takes a few minutes.  
In other words when you correct the file name and the red X goes away on the file icon, but go up a level the red X is still on the folder icon where that file is located.  But after a while everything is sorted out.
Check the recycle bin please.

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soffcecManagerAuthor Commented:
When I ran repair most of the lost files had been moved to Archive on the computer. I was able to restore them for there. I need to read more about the behaviour of SkyDrive/OneDrive
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