I need to change a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. Callers are prompted to press 5 after hours and it forwards to a cell phone. I need to change that cell phone number

I have an issue and I will have to start off vague and hope I get some suggestions and eventually get to the issue. We have a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express that was previously set up in an office we acquired. It works fine and we have learned to modify users and make a few changes. I recently had a request to change the after hours prompt. Right now if you call after hours, you get a voice mail and are told if you have an emergency to press 5. That forwards to a cell phone. I need to change that number, but not sure how. I have been through the GUI interface and not found anything with just "5" or the current cell number. I have used PUTTY to get into what I think is the router and do a show running-config, but do not see the current cell number as I scroll down the list although I do see a lot of ephone commands so I think I am in the right place. I was going to start by copying and pasting the config to notepad and searching for the cell or at least the last 4 digits, but am not even sure how to get the entire config to list and copy off. Unless someone has an idea where I should be looking to make this change, I would like to start by just getting the config printed off. All advice on that is welcome
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One trick I use often, is to connect to the system with PUTY then use Right Click in the Header and go to Change Settings.  Turn on Logging and apply / save.  In Putty enter your show command.  Then Turn logging back off, and you have a file with the complete output of show run.   That you can scan, or send to others.  Be sure to remove any confidential data like IP addresses or Passwords before distributing it or posting to to places such as here.

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Thor2923Author Commented:
Thanks, EE was down yesterday after I posted my question. I googled and futzed around a while and was able to copy my running-config from the Call Manager. I scanned and found the number I was trying change and could also see the ext it was associated with. Using the GUI I was able to drill down in that particular ext and swap out the numbers. All is well! T
Thor2923Author Commented:
I was able to resolve this on my own, but basically did what was suggested so I am awarding points. EE was down yesterday so I did see this response right away, but fortunately was able to figure it out on my own
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