Bluetooth Audio Receiver


I bought a wireless Bluetooth audio receiver, sold by a not so known company name Dodocool

The idea was to send wireless the audio signal from laptop to the home audio system.
The device works, but there is only one thing which I am not satisfied with.
If there is no audio signal sent from laptop for a while, then the Bluetooth connection between PC and the above device is broken, the device enters in standby, maybe designed like that because can run on internal battery, and if I make few minutes pause without sound, then I have to reinitialize the Bluetooth connection from PC, which switch automatic to the local speakers.

What I would like is:
- once I decided and set the audio signal to go through the Bluetooth signal/speakers, then the connection to stay like that, no matter if there is audio signal sent to it or not and no matter is the battery inside the receiver will be empty soon or not. In fact I can put near my audio system a 5V power supply for that Bluetooth receiver and then the internal battery is never empty. I just wanted to get rid of the wires for audio signal and the Bluetooth from inside the notebook does a good job. Also I wanted a small receiver, eventually with battery inside and I thought I found one cheap.

I use Win8 64 bits on Lenovo T410s.

Are any settings which I can do in Win8 to solve my problem?
Or is strictly related with my cheap audio  Bluetooth receiver?
Do you know another Bluetooth audio receiver, based on experience or specs, which can solve my problem?
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Do you need the laptop?
I just use a  1 terrabyte WD USB external HDD plug that into the USB socket of the TV, put TV onto apps and it plays through the TV media center under Music
I can select playlists and it plays all day long.
With Laptop
I also use  the raspberry pi XBMC wireless, add your music to the USB pen/sd card or Nas or your laptop, they now have case not an open board.
raspberrry pi media center wireless
How to set up a Raspberry Pi media centre
Videos on Setting up the Raspberry Pi
viki2000Author Commented:
I need to play different audio/video content from my notebook, but also many times online content, not only youtube.
Ok right you did not mention the extent of what your trying to do, I go the impression it was only audio, we can only go by what your details.>>I bought a wireless Bluetooth audio receiver<< this does not do video.
Skipping the audio or video>basically you want to run your desktop in a dual or clone mode so it's reflected on the TV.
I have achieved this by using a PVR within a capture card and the wired using s_video composite cables.
There are now TV USB that also provide this feature on your desktop.
To send the video and audio to the TV I'd suggest you look into the video and audio senders
far more reliable
Here's what I'm talking about this works
Nyrius ARIES Home HD 1080p HDMI Digital Wireless Audio Video Transmitter & Receiver System with IR Remote Extender - NAVS500
Youtube video showing it in action
You also need to have a clear line of sight no interference like aircons fluro fridges between the PC and teh TV
There is many various types of these wireless audio video senders depending on your budget
Look for wireless AV senders
Amazon, great place for feedback/ refer to the list at the bottom scroll right
Does this help?
I'm in Australia so my results maybe limited to your local area prices vary but Amazon is always good
Ultimate Tool Kit for Technology Solution Provider

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viki2000Author Commented:
Actually I was in hurry to catch a bus in the morning when I posted the previous message.
I do not actually intend to send video. That would be played on laptop. I have audio-video sender-receiver, but I do not use it now because require too many wires around PC and I hate that.
Even if I watch videos, more likely I watch music video-clips and I need to send only the audio wireless, no matter if the content is in my PC or online.
Now, we are back to my initial statement: only audio from notebook to audio system.

Your solution with raspberry pi is not very practical for me now.
First of all the notebook content is eliminated and I need it. I do not have a NAS, although my wirelesses router has a USB port which allows and external drive, but seems slow and for the moment I do not use it. I only tested it in the past.
I like the Bluetooth solution for audio wireless because does not require additional wires, devices, antenna around notebook.
I know that are notebooks with Intel chips which send audio/video content, but is not my case.
Then if I want to send full audio/video content wirelesses and I look at the price and connection of raspberrry pi media center wireless, then in my opinion, at similar price, is better a wireless network media player, which is able to connect to the local WLAN and read the content of the notebook HDD or anything that is played on notebook (clone display), besides the online playing function.

I want o stay with audio Bluetooth for the moment.
Yes I understand, thankyou.
Lets see if we can solve this problem you have lost connection>if there is no audio signal sent from laptop for a while, then the Bluetooth connection between PC and the above device is broken<<
Could be a power setting in the Laptop?
As Laptops use battery check your power settings for AC and Battery.
Windows 8, hmm I'm using windows 7 but should be similar I hope.
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings
change power settings for wirelessYour Dodocool is cool have you checked the manual that came with it as to what you need to plug it into.
As it is using a battery as well, like my Nikon camera it uses Lithium and charges off the USB power, Since you have a Laptop make sure your Laptop is on AC 
Bluetooth V3.0 with EDR for superior wireless performance.
Support A2DP V1.2, Class 2.
Works with the speaker which has 3.5mm line-in jack and play music from all devices enabled with A2DP stereo bluetooth, such as iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note2, other bluetooth cell phones, bluetooth notebook, etc.
Convenient buttons support volume(long press +/-), music(forward/next/play/stop) and handsfree call(answer/ring off a call or last number redial) control.
Built-in microphone.
Skidproof bottom assures its stable standing on any smooth surface and facilitates a handsfree call in a car with the 3.5mm AUX cable.
Offers a wireless connection range of 10 meters (33 feet).
Powered by built-in rechargeable li-ion battery via mini USB port, long working time and low consumption.(Mini USB cable included)
Let you enjoy the fun of wireless bluetooth stereo music without the bother of messy cables.
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V3.0 + EDR, Class 2
Bluetooth profiles: A2DP & AVRCP
Bluetooth frequency range: 2.402GHz - 2.480GHz
Effective range: 10m / 33feet (Depending on specific circumstance and the transmitter device)
Built-in battery capacity: 250mAh Li-battery
AUX line: Male to male, about 1.5m/ 4.92ft length
Package includes:
1 * Bluetooth receiver
1 * USB cable
1 * 3.5mm Audio cable(Male to Male)
1 * User manual
viki2000Author Commented:
power for laptop, battery? C'mon, is not the first time when I put my hands on laptops, not to mention that I repair them when is necessary, from hardware to software...
Let's say simple: there is no power problem: the laptop is with power supply and the Bluetooh device is with power supply, none of these 2 are on battery. I have tested the Bluetooth device on battery and also with a 5V USB power adapter. The same headache,
I was just hopping that is a setting in Win8 which I did not see...
Nevertheless I will check one more time the suggested similar settings in Win8, today in the evening...

User manual of the Bluetooth device?
Of course I have read it. Thanks for effort anyway.
Guess what? I have read at least 5 more user manuals online from different other similar devices and all have that stupid standby function which is not helpful to me. It should be with enable/(disable possibility.

More helpful would be to know another Bluetooth audio receiver, based on experience or specs, which does not have that problem.
Hi again,
Take a look of the new improved Slingbox M1 review: Place-shift TV with minimal hassle
viki2000Author Commented:
I looked at specs:
and is not clear for me if I can play the audio/video content from my notebook to TV or projector wireless, I mean no cables between laptop and Slingbox.
Is not one of those media players as Roku, Boxee (now at end of life bought by Samsung) ?
I know D-Link had in the past a media player which was connected wirelesses to the home router and was able to receive the content of the notebook, so not only what is online. I forgot the model.
It was something like Apple TV:
Ah it seems I am ahead of myself again with Sling. Sorry about that.
Yes I am totally focused on your need for Bluetooth USB wireless sender.
Maybe you should consider WI FI
The idea was to connect the sling to the TV and then you connect your laptop wireless to the Sling and using a desktop app access the media window like in XBMC
They do a have desktop app for web
The Slingbox 500  will be the first  to have something called SlingProjector.
Using SlingProjector, users can seamlessly transfer their photos (and soon, videos) to the Slingbox from the SlingMobile app for iOS and Android.
Sling  was asked about the possibility of bringing music to Sling Projector and was told it was on the roadmap.
Sling also has a product in the works called SlingSync.
SlingSync allows you to connect an external hard drive to your Slingbox 500 and easily back up your data over the network

Ok it seems neither of us have a smart TV,
My setup is a bit old now but works even though it's a little different,
so aside from my Raspberry Pi
I also had that USB wi fi.  I don't use it as much now as I switched to my Pi.
 my TV is not a smart TV just AWA 68cm digital. so I bought a very expensive Panasonic Twin HD TV tuner.$1000 dollars Australian 5 years ago, now it's cheaper,
The Panasonic has Viera Cast as well.
The Panasonic DVR acts like center hub, from it I have my cable Box  and this wireless USB plugged in there,
The Panasonic DVR is wired to my  Foxtel Cable Box and my TV
Then the TV to the stereo amp/
So anything on my TV will play through the AMP.

My router it is a Telstra Big Pond with wireless capabilities so it connects to my Panasonic DVR wireless usb through the lan
On the Panasonic set top box I change to other and select Network.
It uses DLNA  
DLNA uses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) for media management, discovery and control.
 my router has an encryption key number underneath to use to connect to.
Looks like this, I just went over to my TV and took this photo
network on my PanasonicPanasonic options>

EOP adapters.. much better than wireless
Power-line adapters are devices that turn a home's electrical wiring into network cables for a computer network. They come in handy when you need to bring the Internet connection to a far corner in the basement where Wi-Fi signals can't reach
Below are the many ways you can extend your LAN or WLAN

you can go through windows media center using a media extender this is all wirelessly of course.
Just share your files video audio pictures.
A Windows Media Center Extender is a stand-alone device that you can purchase at many consumer electronics stores and online retailers. By connecting an Extender to a wired or wireless home network, you can stream media from your main computer to your Extender. Lots of folks use the Xbox.
Play your digital media anywhere in the home using Windows Media Center 
using the play to. but that is network again.

To give you an idea how simple it can be using wi fi
how to connect your laptop, android, iphone and or tablet to your TV wi fi
viki2000Author Commented:
It's nice, but too expensive and too complicated for me now (not from technical point of view).
Fair enough, well I have offered alternatives and maybe a few new ideas,
What is the brand of your laptop?
When we use hardware that does not natively support wireless or have internet access  you'll just have to use wi fi or these senders.
If you don't like the battery style I suggest you reconsider wi fi.
With regards as to why your Dodocool wireless Bluetooth audio receiver cuts off seems to be logical everything is on battery
To extend battery life, Bluetooth devices go into hibernation after 8-10 minutes of inactivity.
Why the laptop may  disconnect when idle could be related to the power management option for a USB Root Hub, but you say you have checked this.
Could also be a internet connection setting thing, or it could simply be the Dodocool disconnects to save power..
Maybe of assistance
What Are Some Signal Interference Issues for the Bluetooth Technology?
viki2000Author Commented:
Here is not a matter of interference.
"With regards as to why your Dodocool wireless Bluetooth audio receiver cuts off seems to be logical everything is on battery " - well it does the same when I plug in the power supply for it and is not on battery. I guess is a matter of how is designed and not only this type.
In my initial post I mentioned that I use Win8 64 bits on Lenovo T410s.
Here is a screenshot with the power settings in Win8, similar with Win7:

Win8 - Power settings
viki2000 I'm curious about some of your comments, if you could explain so I can picture what your doing.
As I see it you have your Lenova laptop uses it's wireless, and this Dodocool wireless sender is connected to your home audio system, what brand is your home audio system?
Mine is a Pioneer VSX 405 

First comment I don't understand>and if I make few minutes pause without sound, then I have to reinitialize the Bluetooth connection from laptop PC, which switch automatic to the local speakers. on the laptop?
I just wanted to get rid of the wires for audio signal and the Bluetooth from inside the notebook<< not sure what you mean here but refer to the Hardware Maintenance Manual I have posted it shows you how to remove parts.
And this>
Also I wanted a small receiver, eventually with battery inside and I thought I found one cheap.

I use Win8 64 bits on Lenovo T410s.<< according to the technical specs should be Genuine Windows® 7 Professional
Have you installed windows 8 to this?
Could possibly be drivers for the bios required?
Hardware Maintenance Manual
ThinkPad T400s, T410s, and T410si 

I don't where to head with your question from here or what to offer you.
viki2000Author Commented:
Yes I installed Win8 in Lenovo T410s and works fine.
The laptop has inside Bluetooth.
I connect between laptop and that Dodocool  through Bluetooth.
That Dodocool  is then connected to audio-in of a home audio systemwith a small audio cable stereo jack connectors. Can be any type of amplifier. That part is not important, because the amplifier does not enter in stand by. I use a Techincs tower.
In other words, the Technics amplifier and its speakers become for me Bluetooth wireless speakers thanks to that small Dodocool.
Everything audio what is played on laptop I can hear on home audio system through Bluetooth.
In the past I had a long audio cable between notebook headphone connector and home audio system line in audio.
I wanted to get rid of that cable and I purchased that Dodocool .
And works, except that standby problem.
The laptop sees the Dodocool, after driver installation, as audio speakers, through Bluetooth.
If I want to hear sound in home audio system through Bluetooth from notebook, then first thing that I have to do in notebook is to go under audio stetting in Windows and where the speakers/audio out are listed I can see my Bluetooth Dodocool  with grey and I must click right and say "Connect". Takes 1-2 seconds and the Bluetooth connection is established. Then all audio from notebook goes through that Dodocool. I cannot hear anything anymore in notebook speakers.
If I listen an audio file, a song from Youtube and if I pause the song, then there is no more audio signal detected by Dodocool and the Bluetooth connection is broken. I must go again in Windows and say "Connect" to Dodocool  speakers.
And that is what I do not like and try to avoid.
If it would be sound, audio signal then the connection remains.
I would like to have that connection even if I pause or not play for 5min or 30min.
I do not want the reinitialization of the Bluetooth connection each time when I pause for more than 1-2min.
That's all.
And I do not know if is related with that Dodocool or Windows.
I am afraid is Dodocool and the setting cannot be changed as I have read the manual for more than 5 similar devices.
That's why I asked initial if there is such kind of device without that standby setting which breaks my Bluetooth connection and put me to go each time in Windows- Control-panel, audio settings. I made a shortcut on Desktop, but still is not nice.
When the Bluettoth connection is broken, then the audio signal from notebook goes automatically back on the notebook speakers.
viki2000Author Commented:
What I want to achieve is this:
1) to play the audio content from notebook in my home audio system
2) in the past I used audio cable between notebook headphones connector and audio-in of the home audio system
3) I wanted to get rid of that cable and to use wireless audio connection.
4) I want the audio wireless connection to be through Bluetooth for the next reasons:
     a) I already have inside the notebook Bluetooth capability. I do not want additional wires and antenna around notebook. I want to keep it clean and simple.
      b) The Bluetooth audio receivers are cheap and good enough for what I need. They have audio out jack connector, good for my audio system, They have battery which can last several hours and also a external power possibility, used also to charge the internal battery.

There is just that problem with Bluetooth broken connection if no audio signal is sent for more than 2 min.
I need a device which does not broke the Bluetooth audio connection.
Thanks, all clear,
Are you considering getting another bluetooth?
Have you tried contacting Amazon and the person you purchased it from?
There is no feedback on this one and that is hmmm feeling. I rely on the feedback on Amazon.
ok let me give you a small scenario, in my bedroom I have a TV and I use a wireless headphones, on my TV is this little box that plugs into the back of the TV, it sends the signal to my headset, the point I'm making is that I have to tune the headphones into this little box, I can walk around my home and in some places I lose the signal but over all it works fine.
My point is that there is no laptop inbetween my wireless devices.
It must be the laptop wireless and also this dodocool.
I get the impression it is meant for ipods.
When I first looked at the specs of the dodocool what caught my attention>Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Music Audio Dongle Receiver >>>Handsfree <<Built-in microphone 3.5mm Car AUX Line for iPhone iPad iPod Samsung White.
Sounds like it is really designed for the car and close proximity with iphone, Ipad.

Your situation is really odd and I believe it is the combination of wireless internet coming into to your laptop combined with sending this wireless to this dodocool.
there's a handshake problem?
Have you added dodocool to your firewall exceptions?
That's two wireless devices at the same time from your laptop.
It's not like you have it connected to your laptop.
Could be this area?
Is the laptop getting hot and getting drops offs?
When using my Asus laptop  I keep it off the table using a book at the rear so air flows all the time.
I'm using windows 7 desktop now but should be similar to your windows 8
Open your run and type in>gpedit.msc  look in the settings for windows connect now.
 gpedit.msc settings for windows connect now
gpedit.msc settings for windows connect now
Are you using a keyboard and mouse wireless? Or wired? Or none?
Check this out, I know it's for Android but seems eerily similar
and your in windows 8 now and that's all about apps right?
Bluetooth audio (A2DP) doesn't connect when media audio is active or was recently active
Look at response #30
I just noticed that this issue occurs more often (at least in my case) when i have more than one media player app that can respond to bluetooth controls."

Have you tested by putting power to the Dodocool
With your Laptop put the power settings to AC when on AC and disable the battery as you wont need it.
My laptop  Asus when I had it on AC I would remove the battery.
It was advised to me to do this to save the life of the battery.
You also have the computer set to go sleep after 15 minutes change that to never.
Your USB is set to suspend on Battery disable that for now as well as you don't need to use it on battery anyway for our test.
so maybe those three interfere with your wireless connection as one puts your system to sleep and that could take a while to reawaken the wireless connection, this is what happens with wireless keyboard and mouse, so it may also apply for the usb dodocool.
Give it a test a whole day over the week end
so set your computer to never turn off.
HDD never turn off
 your laptop onto AC remove the battery.
Set the USB selective suspend to disable
I look forward to your updates.
viki2000Author Commented:
1) There is no interference between WiFi signal for network coming from the Wireless router and the Bluetooth wireless  signal. They work on different frequencies and different protocol. The notebooks are designed to work with both in the same time; the problem appears even if I shut off the WLAN in the house and I play audio file from HDD of the laptop.
2) I am not using wirelesses keyboard or mouse. It is just the keyboard and mouse pad from notebook.
3) There is no problem with power saving settings. I work on PC, everything is active, and in parallel I play a sound. No more audio signal detected by Windows or Ddodcool for 2 min  --> Bluetooth connection broken.

Honest, I still suspect, as from beginning, is the design of these Bluetooth audio receivers. I just need one new without this problem. But which one?
Can you try before you buy ;)
Could be a clause return policy?
We do here in Australia, I can return my goods within a time frame.
Even purchases online, that's where Pay Pal comes in handy to handle disputes.
You have 45 days from the date you made the payment to open a dispute.

What's your budget viki200
Read the feedback
example, this one looks good>
HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System
Sale: $27.99  & FREE Shipping on orders over $35. 
Feedback >>2,796 customer reviews  gave it 4.5 out of 5 

This one looks good and runs on AC just waht you want
Sale: $29.99  & FREE Shipping on orders over $35
Brightech - BrightPlay Live™ - NFC Enabled HiFi Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver / Adapter - Bring Your Old Stereo Systems and Speakers Back to Life - Fast and Simple Upgrade - Frustration Free Eco Packaging 
43 customer reviews  4.1/2 stars

Mpow® Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver Adapter with Hands Free Calling and 3.5 Mm Stereo Output
Price: $17.99  & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

914 customer reviews  4.5 out of 5

Scroll along the bottom for more.
Read the return policies.

viki2000Author Commented:
Make no sense to return it.
Actually I can not. I bought it few month ago and was cheap.
It works according with the specs....only I did not know when I bought it that works like that, in a way that I do not like.
Budget for a new one? 30USD would be OK.
I have to find it on german Amazon or another german online store, because for the time being I live in Germany.
The thing is that the reviews on Amazon help a lot. I always read them, especially those with only 1 or 2 * :)
But the real fact is that I do not know how to find that standby parameter in the specs published, unless I search again the pdf user manual and read along to see the standby problem. I guess there is no other chance.
I will check the devices from links above.
Fair enough, use it in your car ;)
Give it as gift to a family member or friend.
Take a look at the first two,
HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System<< is just nice with a huge positive feedback
 the second one even has video.
Brightech - 
I get a good feeling with both will meet your needs.
just sleep on it
You can buy from Amazon anywhere in the world.
We don't have Amazon in Australia so I buy from Amazon above.
The currency exchange can change things, check if they sell to your country
With DVD I just use a region free to recode from foreign countries.
viki2000Author Commented:
Something like this I am talking about, from audio connection point of view;
The more expensive one is 24 euro on including the shipping cost:
Yep I was looking at the first one.
Mpow® Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver Adapter with Hands Free Calling and 3.5 Mm Stereo Output 
And the 2nd one look similar to
HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System, we found before.
Good Job.
24 euro is equal to 35 dollars Australian.
One hour work for me or less ;)
You know you can ask a question to the people who give feedback?
viki2000Author Commented:
Unfortuanöly is not good.
Somebody tested it, along other 2 more types:
Here is the german version direct from Amazon. de, under  one * (dis)satisfaction). 
You may translate it with Google translate, but in few words, it saying that has the problem which I want to avoid:

"Habe 3 BT-Receiver fürs Auto getestet. Konkret will ich die Lautsprecher in 2 Kindersitzen per Bluetooth mit dem iPod Touch versorgen, der wahlweise auch über das eingebaute BT-Autoradio abspielen soll. Der BT-Receiver soll sich mit der Zündung abschalten, da der iPod dann automatisch stoppt (sonst läuft das Kinderhörspiel unbemerkt lautlos weiter).

Aber ich gebe es jetzt auf und leite die Musik übers Audiokabel nach hinten, das ich wegen Brummschleife noch galvanisch abkoppeln muss.

Probiert habe ich es mit:
1) Pure² Mini schnurloser Bluetooth HiFi Musikadapter
2) HomeSpot kabelloser Bluetooth HIFI Musikadapter mit NFC (dieses Gerät!)
3) B-Speech Rx2 Bluetooth Stereo-Empfänger
(Diesen Artikel setze ich bei allen 3 Geräten rein.)

zu 1) Eigentlich macht er alles, was ich will: Nach initialem Pairing wird die Verbindung zum iPod bei jedem Start der Zündung (Zigarettenanzünder->USB-Adapter->Pure2 Mini) in Sekunden vollautomatisch aufgebaut, und bei ausgeschalteter Zündung stoppt der iPod, da die BT-Verbindung weg ist. Ich kann am iPod sofort zwischen den verschiedenen Ausgängen (BT Autoradio, BT Pure2) umschalten. Aber was ist das?! Sobald die BT-Verbindung zum Pure2 Mini nicht genutzt wird, ertönt dort ein fürchterliches Zischen und Brummen, das erst endet, wenn die Zündung aus ist (klar, dann ist der Pure2 Mini aus) oder wenn die BT-Verbindung Pure2 Mini am iPod wieder gewählt wird. Das geht ja gar nicht.

zu 2) (Dieses Gerät.) Initiales Pairing klappt gut, aber was ist das?! Wird eine Weile keine Musik über den HomeSpot-BT-Receiver abgespielt (z. B. iPod aus), beendet dieser die Verbindung und stellt sie nicht mehr automatisch her. Man kann sie auch nicht mehr in den Audioausgängen des iPod auswählen, sonder muss in den iPod-Einstellungen die BT-Verbindung explizit wieder aktivieren. Echt schade. Da hilft es auch nicht, dass der Klang ok ist und auch nie Zischen/Brummen (s.o.) zu hören ist.

zu 3) Initiales Pairing klappt gut, aaaber: Wenn die BT-Verbindung unterbrochen wurde (z. B. iPod aus), schaltet sich der RX2-BT-Receiver nach einer Weile aus und man muss ihn wieder durch 3 Sek. langes drücken auf dem Receiver anschalten. Dann ist die Verbindung zum iPod zwar wieder da, aber ich will doch den Receiver nicht jedesmal anfassen, um Musik über ihn zu spielen. (Noch dazu ist er bei mir ja hinten, ich könnte ja die Kinder bitten, ihn einzuschalten...) Und dann kommt noch hinzu, dass das winzige Gerät (von mir beim Kauf unbemerkt) tatsächlich einen Akku hat, sich also nicht ausschaltet, wenn ich die Zündung ausmache. Also stoppt auch der iPod nicht automatisch. Angenommen er und der RX2-BT-Receiver laufen stundenlang weiter, und dem RX2 geht der Saft zuerst aus, dann sagt das Handbuch sinngemäß: Ist der Akku leer, kann es sein, dass man das Gerät Komplet zurücksetzen muss. Nein danke.

Wer also ein ähnliches Setup vorhält, dem wünsche ich viel Glück -- mit anderen Geräten. Ich lasse es jetzt sein und schicke leider alle 3 Geräte zurück."
reviews from the Link I posted
They say>> The sound quality coming from my Homespot NFC and my Amphony 200 is excellent
So they buy these two together

You'll need to consider  the limitations of such a small audio sender, the above person merged it the Amphony 200
These are only as good as the source material. Heavy Metal may not be o good without an amplifier of sorts
With audio you pay for the quality.
The review from man uses it in the car.
yes I use the Google translate in Amazon.
This review is from: Home Spot Wireless HiFi Music Bluetooth adapter with NFC (Electronics)
I have tested for the car 3 BT receiver. Specifically, I want to provide the speakers in 2 child seats via Bluetooth with the iPod touch, which is optionally also play on the built-in BT car radio.
I find these are bad if there is high wires over head.
Check out the Brightech - BrightPlay Live™ -
Take each one at a time enjoy the journey !!
It is time for me to go as it is nearly 11 pm here
Keep looking.
viki2000Author Commented:
And how do I know which from the above lists of audio receives do not have the standby problem with broken Bluetooth connection when the music is paused for 2-5min?
You won't until you test it.
I/we cant determine if it is from internet or connection.
As I see it keep the one you have and put up with this small annoyance until you feel sure about a better model.

These have a return policy / contact the seller ask a question.
I believe you will experience this with wireless receivers of this type when they fall below the recommended ghz

These are  small receivers on battery and not expensive. I can't say if they are good quality viki2000
Just for you to get ideas.
read the features, it has 2, 4 ghz frequency

·  Bluetooth V2.1, Wireless connection

·  Bluetooth distance: up to 10 meters(33’’)

·  Frequency: 2.4GHz<<<<<

·  Support A2DP function

·  3.5mm stereo audio output

·  LED indicator

·  One touch connect button

·  Sleep mode<<<<<<<<<<<

·  Support headphones like: iPhone, Android phones, other smart phones which with Bluetooth A2DP functions

·  Support laptop<<<, ipod, PC with Bluetooth function

·  Support Home A/V systems, home stereos, automobile or motorcycle speakers, boats, RVs which with 3.5mm audio jack

·  Power supply: charge via mini USB cable

·  Operation time: up to 8 hours(built-in battery)

·  Code: 0000(no code needed when pair with apple or android device)



1x car Bluetooth music receiver

1x mini USB charge cable

1x 3.5mm stereo cable

1x 3.5mm stereo adapter

1x user manual

I find when I browse stuff like this, one will stand out after a while.
Personally I would choose this one for myself I prefer wireless local network connectivity

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viki2000Author Commented:
I think I found a way how to differentiate and to know in advance, before buying.
I had in mind a little bit more expensive one, even if I will not buy it right now. I am watching it for a while:

If we go at Features page we read: "Automatic re-pairing"
Page 7 of pdf user manual: 

It has no battery inside, works only with power adapter, then is clear no need of standby function.
Sometimes is good to have one that works with battery too, but then automatically seems implemented that function of standby or sleep mode.
So "re-pairing" is the first function that I have to watch out. Then, maybe, if works only with power adapter, then has no standby annoying function. Or, in case is with battery too, then to be without standby, sleep mode.
viki2000Author Commented:
I had no time to look into the matter, maybe during the winter, December...
Thanks for your effort.
the Logitech looks intriguing,
It would use the inbuilt wireless from your smartphone or tablet .
I found a YTD video, if your YTD member you could ask him his sound quality  testing results.
Looking Good viki2000.
I have Logitech X-140 Computer Speakers on my computers very good sound quality and pretty cheap too 
Glad I could help a little thank you.
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