ssh with special character to sqlplus


In Linux RHEL 5.6
I'm trying to execute a SQL statement inside Oracle on a remote host.
My query is using the v$parameter and I'm having problems passing the $(dollar sign).

My code:
RESULT=`ssh  "setenv ORACLE_SID $PRIMARY_ORACLE_SID; sqlplus -s / as sysdba << EOF
    select value from v$parameter where name='dg_broker_start';
 RESULT= select value from v where name='dg_broker_start'

I tried "v$parameter"
and      v\$parameter
and    "v\$parameter"

none of the above worked.
Only the V is left...
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You'll have to use at least two backslashes for escaping - the $ sign must be protected from being expanded by the local shell as well as from the remote shell.

If two backslasehs don't work either try three of them (at least I once had to do so to make it work).
if I'm not mistaken, you may have to use v\\\$
the first will be drawn down to v\$

If this is a common query, why not setup a script on the remote end to which you will be passing data points?
Three backslashes are not sufficient for ssh/sqlplus between backticks.

Try  v\\\\\\$parameter

No joke!

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You could also try 1 (or 3) backslashes between the << and the EOF (immediately before the E of EOF).
peledcAuthor Commented:
This worked \\\\\\

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