Suggestions for interesting meeting room fun games.

Hey People,
We are a team of about 20 and I, along with another member, have been asked to organize a fun event this week. Though there are numerous sites giving different ideas, I am finding it a little tough to decide what really the team likes. Is there any such activity that you participated in that you really enjoyed? Please share your inputs, which should be of great help.
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If you have mixed sexes I find contact games are a lot of fun.
Is this outdoors in a park? Near a beach?
I need more details as to the environment and types of people, age groups.
Work mates or just friends.
I prefer less competition and just more group involvement.
Being old school I found it a lot of fun to pass a balloon between your knees to another between there knees no hands, it' really quite hysterical as the more  you laugh the harder it gets.
The interaction between male/female/male makes it even more fun.
Or get an orange put it n your neck  and hold with your chin, and pass that to another they have pass it using the chin and neck so it sits pinned between you jaw and shoulder, very funny. Looks like two brolgas doing a dance and it's quite close, tickles like hell if the guy is tall, seriously fun.
These are very memorable and out side the normal competition stuff.
Get a big bowel put flour or water in there and they have to fish out some small item no hands, put a few jelly beans in there and a small bowel to drop them.
It's very funny with flour as everyone has a white face.
Check out this ball game, needs two people, the idea of the game is to get the ball from one person on one side to other rolling  the tennis ball along the string held between them.
Make the string about 10 feet long
So make 10 or 20 long string lines tied together and two people hold it in each end hold it tight and then let a tennis ball run along it to the other end,
So you see it in action, this is awesome fun here's a youtube video, I'm always amazed what we can find on youtube.
Ball Game with Ropes - Team building activity the thing is they are dropping the tennis balls into baskets placed strategically. << check out the ideas on the right side there's more video there of some interesting games that look not only fun but have skill building not too hard.
 if you have the right tools should fire up your imagination.
So start thinking of objects you could use, say for example think of
balloons again but with a difference, this time the couple has to hold the ballon between their backs and run
Tables and chairs/ fruit/balls /any swimming stuff?
paper. Ice. Beach games?
Throwing. Hitting. Jumping.
Mind games.
Skill games
Like the ball and string this one uses a ping pong  ball and tube roll the ball into glass
Minute to Win It: Go the Distance (Head-to-Head)
Minute to win it stack plastic cups

These should get those fun juices going.

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sukhoi35Author Commented:
Wow! Thank you very much for such a detailed response, very nice ideas indeed. The activities need to be performed inside a meeting room and I have time of about one hour at disposal. All members are known to each other and work for the same project team, except for two guys who joined very recently. If you feel you have more suggestions please let me know :)
sukhoi35 well that does change things a lot inside a meeting room. about one hour at disposal!!!
Having a cup of coffee and normal interchange an hour would go very quickly.

Can't really be any of my above suggestions, as those were for outside.
Ok going indoors and one hour time frame.
Another idea is a group play of have you been paying attention.
You'd need to inform the groups at the start of the day that there will be certain things done during the first half and will be tested at the hour recess.
Scavenger Hunt
Possible set up some chocolates/envelopes/packet of nuts/fruit/magazine/ hidden around the building outside the meeting room and have a scavenger hunt?
You don't have a lot of time.
A scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, which the participants/ individuals or teams/seek to gather all items on the list/or perform tasks as specified in their list
The goal is usually to be the first to complete the list, although in a variation on the game players can also be challenged to complete the tasks on the list in the most creative manner.
Creating Your Own Scavenger Hunt
Good Luck with your short activities have fun.
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To break in a meeting room, start with food and work (off)topic. AM coffee/OJ/bagel/danish/donut. Have some form of introduction to current people/staff, projects, completions, expectations. PM Pizza/soda/tea. Have large whiteboard. Have facilitator record a brainstorming session, group problem solving. Then a session for what to do around town after work, games/sports, recreation. dining. Share.

Move on with meeting for food, each bring a dish, preferably home-made. Maybe compete for best chili one day, or italian (ethnic), or baked (desserts like cake?).

For group, make groups, maybe defined by color-chart ahead of time, or let them choose, semi-random while ensuring existing teams divided. Optional - selection of leader. One time could be to solve collections of puzzles like rebus or trivial pursuit - as a team. Another is for items to bring for survival, desert of cold. You can probably find some online, a suggestion list to provide, selections, Teams go off to decide what selections and why. Teams can return and present choices, explanations, quick debate. Let no person dominate. Search "survival quiz with answers" or facsimile.

Here's one possible to explain idea for what I mean:
You and your companions have just survived the crash of a small plane.
Your task as a group is to list the above 12 items in order of importance for your survival.  List the uses for each.  You  MUST come to agreement as a group.
Here is another. Remember to allow individuals some time to do on own then time together as team to build common 'answer':
sukhoi35Author Commented:
Thanks experts, for the wonderful ideas!
It was fun topic sukhoi35  Thanks for asking ;)
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