Free website hosting or near free.

Can anyone recommend good website hosting that is free or near free? My nephew has a project going on that includes a hobby of his. He wants to create an HTML website with Java Script and maybe CSS. (Maybe even MySQL someday).

Anyway, I really don't want to have to pay too much money. I do own a domain name that I will let him use indefinitely.

Please do not recommend WebHost4Life as I had some serious downtime problems with them a few years ago, and they have a long history of problems.

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
There is no free hosting I could recommend except putting WAMP or XAMPP on his own computer.  

Godaddy's lowest cost hosting is $6.99 a month or $3.49 a month if you pay for a year.

Hostek is $4.99

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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
There is some excellent hosting by either or if you want linux based hosting.  These are high performance products but I think you have to rely on the community for help.   $5 / month gets you going and you can install whatever you want.

If you want some good support and free (or included) email, shared hosting like Dave mentioned although I have used for the past 15 yrs.    They have both shared windows and shared linux packages starting at $8 to $10 per month.  The windows hosting includes shared mysql space or shared mssql space.  The shared linux package includes only shared mysql space.  

Both come with a very nice shared mail package from smartermail.  However, for email, I do think is best to use google docs for business.  But that will cost an extra $50 per year.   For playing around not really needed.

In any case, you do get very good support.  

I also like  It is a few dollars more per month.   I use liquidweb for my dedicated hosting so I can't speak to their shared. However, their support is outstanding.   The people you speak with on the front end are the people that know what they are doing.  There has never been an issue where they had to get permission from somebody higher up or pass on a problem.    With most other hosting services, you speak to a lower level person first that has to go through the check list of things before you get passed on.

One interesting thing I recently found out about godaddy that Dave  mentioned is their system autosaves back ups.  So if you have a wordpress site and you really mess up a page and you don't have it local, you can easily recall it.  

Personally,  I use dropbox and do all of my development on a dropbox folder and that autosaves a new version each time you save.  The archived copies don't go towards your allotment of disk space.   There has been a few times this came in handy.

If I only needed a linux thing today, I would try digital ocean or linode.
Richard AmissOwner/Developer/ConsultantCommented:
I'm not affiliated with them, but I know a few people who are happy with iPage -

It is about $1.89 per month.
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For small sites, including my personal site I like:

Their low end plan is $35 a year. I spend a little more than that so I can't promise that the support at the low end is as good as I get with a little larger shared hosting tab.  However I have been there several years with no problems and on the few occasions when I have had to open a ticket they responded within 10 minutes and resolved the problem in less than an hour; even when the problem was caused by my own stupidity.

Conner TurnerSenior DirectorCommented:
Hi brgdotnet,

Personally although it would be better to go with a premium service for this type of thing as your Nephew may need support or guidance with his prject which would benefit form having a paid account.

I would recommend you can sign-up to their free DirectAdmin services here:

You can gain a free subdomain from them or if you wish you could go with a free domain provider like Freenom or other service, I may be slightly biased towards this free hosting as I am affiliated with them, however this is a personal recommendation as I was also in your situation once where I was in need of Free Web Hosting and chose these guys, As this service uses DirectAdmin which is much simpler than other Control Panel's I am sure that your Nephew will be able to find his way around it.

If you require any other assistance just ask!

>>>which is much simpler than other Control Panel's

Simple==limited || restricted

And you don't have to learn things that you will need if you move on to something more advanced.  

We spend all kinds of time having to educate those who found "simple" or "easy to use" and never had to learn enough to move on to more advanced things.  If the purpose is learning then you want a hands on server account where you need to learn how to do things instead of having it done for you.

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