How can I repair recovered files from a failed harddrive.

Good evening experts,

I was able to recover the entire file structure and data of a Seagate 1TB  Hard drive with a great piece of software called Spotmau 2012. Spotmau allowed me to recover the data to a brand new WD 1 TB  hard drive. I thought Spotmau had saved the day. Nope, it didn't. I have had great success with Spotmau in the past with windows recovery and storage recovery, but on this particular instance the bad drive had a cyclic redundancy error. I thought that a successful restore to the new drive would allow me to open any of the files on the new drive.

To be clear, every type of extension you can think of within the new drive with the data on it is inaccessible. The extensions include but are not limited to , exe, zip, rar, pdf, docx, doc, xls, ppt, mpg, avi, mp4, flv, ,etc.....

The most common error that I get is that the file is corrupted. I am thinking that I am just out of luck , but thought I would give this forum a shot to see if you know of any software that can uncorrupt the files. I have searched the internet on just about every possible solution , including but not limited to , file header repair, video repair, pst repair, office repair tools, rar repair tools, zip repair tools, etc..... Nothing I have downloaded has worked.

I hope that I am not out of luck, because the files are important, but not important enough to send the drive off for data integrity repair, which can be expensive and there is no guarantee that they can fix the files that I recovered.

So with that said,

Am I out of luck or can anyone suggest a sure fire way of getting my data to open?
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Ouch, I feel for you bro. If you have the original drive you could try other programs. I used Recuva in the past and that worked, but to uncorrupt files on a new drive. I don't think that is possible. I could be wrong, but never heard that was possible. Correct me if i am wrong fellow experts, If it is i for sure want to know.

BLACK THANOSAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input. I am thinking along the lines that you are, but who knows, someone may have a kernel of knowledge that we have yet to explore
the best recovery software i know is GetDataBack - not free!
download it, and install it  (not on the bad drive!!) - and run it, it will show what it can recover
then buy it to save the files
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Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sCommented:  I've had good results with this, but can take many days to process a drive.   Recently been using a program called 'testdisk' running from a Linux usb boot drive.  Very advanced with excellent results.
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
I have had very good experience with GRC's Spinrite.

Not free, but with 30 day satisfaction guarantee:
"If for ANY REASON you are unhappy with your ownership of SpinRite, we will immediately refund your purchase price. No questions asked."
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
My recommendation would be to make an image of the drive prior to trying to fix the problem.  This way if you really messed up, you could go back.  I second SpinRite and for that matter any product from GRC.
I agree with nobus, the best product for recovering data from disks is getdataback.

But, if the disk you are recovering from is in a terrible condition, like yours obviously is, no software will be able to help much. Maybe you can use hex editors to recover parts of files and then manually recreate them, but this takes a lot of work and time.

Maybe your only option left, if you really don't have a backup lying around, is to send the disk to a professional data recovery agency like Gillware:
also - spinrite is old- and has never been updated.
so i suggest HDDRegenerator instead - it recovered several drives for me:

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deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
From the HDD Regenerator Page:
      Permanent delays mean that the hard drive has sectors with long access time. A drive with permanent delays is actually a failing drive and may cause data losses. You can try to regenerate such sectors using the "Regenerate all sectors in a range" option. Also, the delays can be regenerated in the “scan and repair” mode, if the following both conditions are met:

    The hard drive has been completely scanned at least 1 time.
    The hard drive does not contain bad sectors.

In your original post you say that your drive contains bad sectors with CRC errors, which is just the thing Spinrite will repair. Yes it is old. Spinrite has been the only product doing this job in years, and it does it extremely well.
Read the testimonials:
If it doesn't work for you: money back guaranteed. (no I'm not in any way affiliated with Steve Gibson..)
i prefer a modern - uptodate system - not more than 10 years old
btw - it worked in cases where Spinrite did not work also
and yes - i used to have spinrite before (still have it around, but i don't use it anymore)
BLACK THANOSAuthor Commented:
Good afternoon experts,

I have already tried Spinrite and Getdataback before I entered this forum, but I will  now tryHDDRegenerator instead

stay tuned....
BLACK THANOSAuthor Commented:
it took an exceptionally long to to complete , but HDD Regenerator did the trick. Unfortunately the recovery rate was only about 70% , but thats better than nothing. The best results came when I opened up my copy of Beautiful Creatures, which was in a MP4 format and it played. Hallelujah. Some of the headers of files were just too damaged, oh well , you win some and you lose some. Lesson learned.
BLACK THANOSAuthor Commented:
Thank Nobus
and thank you for the feedabck, Regishyde, always good to know
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