External USB drive for Windows Shares

Hi Guys,

We have an old HP server and would like to expand the hard drive capacity.
We tried installing an internal SATA drive, but the server keeps losing the virtual drive after a couple of reboots.
* Even after being available in Windows, and data successfully copied to the drive already ...


Is it a workable solution to have an external USB drive storing the shared folders / data on the server?

I guess the only down side could be access speed really?  Am I correct?  Have anyone tried this scenario?
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAsked:
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Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
if u can use USB 3 then the speed also u can get...

for this you have to install usb3  card on the server
I have seen exactly the same situation as you described it
- The speed for accessing the shared folders / data is satisfactory but of course a sugnifetent factor is what the data are. This specific situation has only docs and some very small video files
- One matter though is the backup of this drive, no raid service exists for sure and it has to be done at night hours (no working hours) because it hangs a bit.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you can install a card, don't go with USB 3 - install a RAID controller and connect to an external storage device that support RAID.  We did this at one client using one of these:
Note: PCIe RAID card included - you might need a different version (Sans Digital makes several - google them).
Glad to help
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