I have a wrapper problem with a Joomla upgrade

I have a joomla 1.5 site that is running every well.

I want to upgrade this to J3. I have created a test site and migrated the content, modules etc.

However, I cannot get one part of the site working.

The function goes like this

When you visit this page and click on the link it takes you to a generated page (a walk description)


examples page link


The test site is in the subdomian j3

So the two pages that are




I have used the same URL structure in a another menu item and it works OK


The url http://www.j3.ifootpath.com/walking/walk_ro.php?walkID=

I have copied the same com_wrapper files to the new template html file too

Can anyone shed any light on what might be going wrong? I would be happy of someone could point me in the right direction for a tutorial

The thing I do not understand is how the URL


calls (is that the right expression?)  the menu item with the URL

Richard JemmettCo-founderAsked:
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2nd from bottom link shows me iframe with address

Open in new window

Peter HartCommented:
when you copy the wrapper is it from the editor?  make sure you copy the "source" view not the editor view
also if its a menu item  being changed check the what the alias is, it might be a problem.
and also rebuild the menus (on menu manager, click on the menu and then select all and at the top click on rebuild)

also empty the Joomlas systems cache if you have it enabled.

I couldn't access the .j3. links above, says the site is down.
Richard JemmettCo-founderAuthor Commented:
Many thanks - I have hired someone to fix the problem and all is well now.

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