Lotus Script errors type Mismatch

Lotus scripting is getting over my head.

I have an issue I'm working on within an agent.  I have an autogenerated email  that builds the body of the email and then sends it.  within the message I want to send a value from the form that is getting selected for the email.  I have this AppendText :
Call rtitem.AppendText( "Incident Source:  " + src + Chr(13) + Chr(13) + "This is a Daily Notification Process indicating you have an open IR older than 5 days that Requires your attention. " + Chr(13) + "Please Open, Review and Update the IR." + Chr(13) + Chr(13) + "A Final Root Cause and Resolution are Required. " + Chr(13) + Chr(13) + "Thank You !" + Chr(13) + Chr(13) + "Open IR Document Link  ->  " )
            Call rtitem.AppendDocLink( curdoc, doc.Subject( 0 ) )

this is just a message body of the email.  I'm trying to add the first part, "Incident Source:  " + src + Chr(13) + Chr(13) +
the 2 chr gives me 2 line feeds.  The problem is when trying to add field value src I get the mismatch
I have it defined above as Dim src As NotesItem and then Set src = curdoc.GetFirstItem( "Incident" )

plus I'm trying to add the src value to the error at the end if there is one in this.
MsgBox "Error in Send: " + src & Error$

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Hi Paul,

A NotesItem is not a valid operand for the plus-operator that you use to concatenate strings. The ampersand-operator is more lenient when it comes to concatenation, but in this case it wouldn't have mattered: you simply cannot concatenate a string with a NotesItem. Try src.Text instead, for a quick fix.

I personally almost never work with GetFirstItem, when I know the type of the value of the field. If the Incident field contains one string value, you may get it using
   Dim s As String
   s= curdoc.GetItemValue("Incident")(0)
The call returns an array of values, so you need the (0) to get its first value.

Just another remark: instead of the chr(13) call you can
- use Chr$(13): this is a string, whereas Chr(13) returns a Variant which needs a conversion
- use rtitem.AddNewline(1): this is platform-independent, Chr$(13) is ASCII

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pratiganAuthor Commented:
Fantastic... Sjef .. you are truly a master.
Thank You So Much !!
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