Oracle 10g - FlashBack restore point


Sorry for the newbie question.

I will create a flashback restore point using the following instructions:

      Sqlplus /nolog
      Conn / as sysdba
      shutdown abort
      startup mount
      alter database flashback on;
      create restore point restore_1;
      alter database open;

The DB is in archive mode and the destination of the flashback has enough space.

My question is: after I finish the DB activity should I run the :


Or the restore point will expire automatically? Should I consider using the guarantee option? (I saw that it can consume a lot of disk space... not sure how much more)...

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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
If you drop the restore point, the space used for it will be freed up quickly.  Otherwise, yes, it will expire automatically sooner or later, but exactly when will depend on how many transactions are happening in your database and on how large your UNDO tablespace is and on how many archived redo logs you keep on disk.

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joaotellesAuthor Commented:
Tks for the reply. SO I think I will drop because I need the restore point to be available only for a few hours. I guess it will not expire before this right?
joaotellesAuthor Commented:
Also to create the restore point, do I need to be in the mount state?

I mean, if the flashback is already enabled,  and the DB is opened, is it ok to create the restore point?
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I haven't actually tried to use that feature, and I haven't read the documentation on it lately.   I say try it with the DB open.  If that is not allowed, Oracle will give you an error.
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