Server 2012 tape backup

I am in a pickle.  I have just installed Windows Server 2012R2 for a client who uses Tape backup for their backup media.  I have used NovaBackup in the past and their software is compatible with Windows Server 2012 but their software does not show the tape drive as an available backup device.  However, the OS sees the tape drive  (it is an HP 320GB DAT USB tape drive)
I have run the HP Library & Tape Tools software and the drive checks out OK and has the latest firmware.  I have even installed the chipsset driver for the motherboard, yet the NovaBackup software will not see the drive.
So far, their support is stumped as to why it won't see it.  Is there some trick with Server 2012 to get this to work?
I have rebooted, shut down, tried different USB ports for the tape drive.
Any help would be appreciated
David BarmanAsked:
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have you tried another usb card?
I seen flakiness with onboard usb chipsets and drive recognition.
David BarmanAuthor Commented:
The tape drive works fine with HP L&TT diagnostic software and it worked fine before we upgraded the server. Previously we had server 2008 and BackupExec. I would continue with BackupExec but their 2012 version isn't compatible with server 2012 and I can't spend the money to purchase their 2014 version, so I am looking to use NovaStor. By all accounts it should work.
My guess is that chipset manufacturers have differing drivers that may not play well with Novastor.
NEC ,Intel and AMD make USB chipsets ,but can vary in terms of driver quality.
The USB on the Haswell chipset has issues with thumb drives that disappear,so a compat issue is not out of the question.

That is why i said if you can get a different USB card to troubleshoot,try it.
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David BarmanAuthor Commented:
I tried a totally different motherboard and have the same issue.
Is there another tape backup software that I could switch to that would work in this environment with Windows Server 2012 R2 and a USB HP DAT tape drive?
Thomas RushCommented:
There are a ton of programs you can use.

When you bought your tape drive, you may well have gotten a free SIngle Server Edition license for HP Data Protector Express -- at some time in the last two years or so they stopped bundling it, though.

Otherwise, here are some of the possibilities:
- HP Data Protector (which should have a less expensive Single Server Edition)
- Backup Exec
- CA ARCserve
- CommVault Simpana
- Retrospect (

Most or all of these will have a free 30 - 60 day trial, so you can test them out to make sure they work before you buy.
David BarmanAuthor Commented:
Was hoping for something lower cost. On a small budget.
Thomas RushCommented:
I see on Amazon.Com one open box copy of HP Data Protector Express 1-server edition.  If that was never registered, it's all you need.   Under $10.  Otherwise, you'll have to see if you can find a backup software that supports tape and runs in Win2012 R2.  One option might be the old NT Backup -- but to the best of my knowledge, it didn't support autoloaders, nor any kind of network backup... I don't know if that's a problem for you.

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David BarmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the suggestions. They have been helpful.
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