Exchange 2010 killed from time to time items (not all) in public folder.


we have a SBS2011 running with Exchange 2010 (SP3). We have a public folder for contacts. From time to time most of the 640 (aprox.) are deleted and only a few (80 contacts) remain in the folder. This happens sometimes after few days, sometimes after weeks.

The people working with this folder say that say didn´t do anything... I installed exfolders and i can see only 2 deleted items there.

Any Idea ? The users have outlook 2002-2007 (could this be the problem?).

Thanks loosain
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Adam RayCommented:
Outlook 2002 (i.e. Outlook XP) is not supported by Exchange 2010. Even if it will connect, I wouldn't recommend using it knowing that there were some major behind the scenes changes between Outlook 2002 and 2003. I was never brave enough to try it.

For that matter, Outlook 2003 isn't even fully compatible with Exchange 2010. It mostly works, but it has a number of glitches/gotchas. A few of which are related to public folders and "sharing/shared" data between multiple users. I never ran into a problem like the one you described,* but I wouldn't be shocked if 2003 was part of the problem.

*I have had contacts/other items go missing from Exchange 2010 public folders when there were Outlook 2003 clients in use, but at the time it always appeared to be user error.

Are you able to remove modify permissions (i.e. make read-only) on the contact public folder for long to tell if the problem goes away when users can't delete contacts (even unintentionally/unknowingly?)

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loosainAuthor Commented:
That is exact what i did yesterday. All users now have only create, modify and read rights. Except of admin nobody has the right to delete... let´s see if the problem reappears.
the point that the items where totaly killed so that that even exfolders couldn´t recover them was irritating to me.

Could it be possible that the DB-File is corrupt ?  i did already check it with eseutil without errors. Is there anything else i can do to test if the db is courrupt ?
Adam RayCommented:
Perhaps its an SBS thing, but as an FYI I've never had much luck recovering deleted items from public folders in SBS 2008 or 2011. But, for me at least, it's never been a big enough issue to spend much time looking into it.

You could try a scan then an offline defrag with eseutil (then move the newly created public store database back into place.) I've had limited luck with that fixing some database errors that a scan alone didn't detect. But I'd almost leave that as a last resort, things often seem to not go as planned using eseutil to do anything other than a "read-only" type scan on an SBS box.
loosainAuthor Commented:
We updated all clients to Office2013 and will examine the new behaviour. We hope this strange behaviour won't appear again
loosainAuthor Commented:
It reaapeared. But at the moment we think that it is a problem of the users. One person using outlook wrong may cause this. We took away the right to delete from everybode and now we wait a few weeks...
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