Easy way to make a task or script run on another computer (not using PowerShell Remoting)

This is on my home network.

The originator computer is Windows Server 2012 R2 and the destination is Windows 8.1 Pro. They are both in the same local subnet and the same domain.

I have tried with PSRemoting because it worked fine on my previous generation setup, before I upgraded all the OSes. The WinRM functionality gets blocked because the destination computer has "public" network connections on it. These public connections are part of VMware Workstation and I cannot change them to private permanently.

After that I tried Write-EventLog with -ComputerName and I got an error about not finding the destination computer on the network (using name and IP).

The ideal solution would be to just send/broadcast something on the LAN and to be able to find an event in the event log of the destination computer and then I could attach a task to that. But I don't know which protocol I should use or how to configure (create?) and find the corresponding event in the event viewer, or if this is even doable.

I would like to avoid adding extra software and would prefer using what is built into Windows.

Please let me know if I forgot some important details. Thanks in advance.
J-M DionAsked:
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Have you tried psexec?
It is specifically designed for running a task on another computer, but firewalls could get in the way with it as well.

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J-M DionAuthor Commented:
I am a fan of the Sysinternals suite but I didn't know PsExec and I would never have tought about it. It solves my problem and it's sort of built into Windows because it's from Microsoft and it's the first thing I install on a computer. Thanks!
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Good to hear.
Thanks ValidName.
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