How to prevent primary folders at the root of a share from being accidentaly deleted.

Shared Folder on Server 2003 is currently completely open to any DOMAIN USER.  This folder for example on the 2003 server is d:\sharedfiles and the share is also called SHAREDFILES.

It has a dozen or so folders underneath it and then again and again many layers deep.

How can I change the folder permissions such that the primary, 1st level folders (D:\SHAREDFILES\folder1, D:\SHAREDFILES\folder2 etc) can not be accidentally moved or deleted by a DOMAIN USER ? The primary folders can only be moved or deleted by an administrator.  All subfolders and files however are completely open to any domain user.

An alternative acceptable solution is that ANY folder is non-deletable or moveable by anyone other than an administrator while keeping the files themselves totally open.

In other words, at the very least want to keep the primary level folders in tact and prevent any accidental moves/cuts.
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In your Advanced settings for the Folder Security set the folder security for only that folder as read only for all but system and Admins. Then you have to go down the tree and set the folders as needed.
This will also make it so that no one can create a folder at that level as well as not be able to delete them
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