VS 2008: breakpoints are not hit


I am runing Visual Studio 2008 solution in Debug mode, however, it doesn't stop on breakpoints I am placing.
What can be the reason?

Thank you in advance.
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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
Have you tried a complete rebuild (not build) of the application?
Check that the solution is rebuilding the project, it might have been set to not build for some reason (right click properties) so the symbol files are out of date.  Also check that the references are to the project reference not a dll reference.  Best way to do that (AFAIK) is toremove them and add them back manually.  Take a screenshot before you start removing stuff, for later reference.

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to add to above suggestions:

- you may look if the last build was successful. if - for example - you had a linker error, you might run an older copy of the program and the debugger would not attach.
- set the first breakpoint to main or _tmain function (or YourApp::InitInstance for a mfc project).
  + if it breaks there, check the breakpoints you have set into other sources and check whether the bullet
     icons are full or have a exclamation mark such that they were not up-to-date and cannot be hit. if so,
     you should check whether the source is the one which was included in the build (check the file path by
     hovering the tab of the edit window for the source). if that is all ok, try to move the breakpoint not hit
     up to the first if or while condition of the function. if that doesn't help, check where the function was called
     and set breakpoints above the blocks where the functions were called. repeat the action until you
     reach the main function.
  + if it doesn't break, check whether the .exe file of your project is up-to-date and that the breakpoint bullet
     in main is really active.

Can you show us a screenshot of the breakpoint while in debug mode? Even better if you can include the tooltip that shows when you point your cursor at the breakpoint.
Kamal KhaleefaInformation Security SpecialistCommented:
click Clean the rebuild

or close the project and re open it
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