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A client has asked to take a duplicate of their current sharepoint site based on WSS 3.0 SP2 of a site based on "Company A'.  They want to replicate "Company A" website and do a restore and then set it up as "Company B" hosted on the same servers.  is this going to be possible?

They have SQL Standard 2008R2 for their SQL Server and WSS 3.0 SP2 is installed on a separate 2008 server, this client is setting up another company but in the meantime wants to utilise the company A infrastructure,
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QPRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can backup and then restore the site to a new location (url) on the same server
OceanITAuthor Commented:
hi, is that just the site? how about the database?  also using the above I presume there is no site id etc for for it to get confused with the existing site
Just the site not the DB, everything other than the site name eg URL and guid will be unique when you restore
OceanITAuthor Commented:
okay - next question.  I presume doing a site restore I could use the same DB.  Would this cause issues if we wanted to split them at a later date?
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