ad report all users in all groups and user stats

I need a script of some sort to:

1) List all groups in a domain and their members (output into 1 single report ideally csv/xlsx)

2) List all users in a domain and include the following (username, account status (i.e. disabled or not), accurate last login date. Again output to csv or similar.

Any pointers most welcome. If any of the scripts require additioanl software on the windows 7 PC please detail that in your reply.
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Is this a once off or do you need to regularly provide these reports.

I had a project recently where i had to audit a domain to prepare for a migration. I used this program.  Its a paid service but gives you a 60 day grace feature that has most of the reports available.

You can complete a audit on all users, groups and group memberships and export them into various forms (Excel, HTTML etc)

Some details on the reporting

If its a once off , download and install the trail, run your reports and then uninstall.  If you need it as a regular process then you can simply purchase a license.  After the 60 day grace period it will limit the reports to first 100 objects.

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pma111Author Commented:
its a one off.. was hoping for scripts but will give your software a go!
pma111Author Commented:
I was aware of get-aduser and get-adgroup member but couldnt see an easy way to do them for all groups and all users
Hi pma111,  

Yeah i thought you may have been after a script however if you have limited scripting experience like i do then you would most probably run into a whole bunch of issues trying to customise the scripts to your exact needs. That software is basically point and click and will take a whole 5 minutes to install and a whole 5 minutes to work your self around the GUI so your comfortable.
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