windows 8.1 rdp concurrent sessions

A number of my clients use rdp to access their machines remotely using win 7 once it has been patched to allow multiple concurrent sessions. 1 user managed multi users 2-3 on his 8.1 machine until a recent update,,,, question, has anyone got a simple script to patch the system to allow this.
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M$ OS's that were built for desktop use, like Windows 7, 8 etc, aren't for use by multiple RDP sessions at a time. If you use hacks to overcome these limits, you are violating your OS's license and Terms of Use, and you are risking your OS's license getting de-activated by m$, or other legal actions.

The terms of Use of this site (Experts Exchange) also forbid any help with such hacks, as they in turn could be sued by m$...

So we can't help you with your Question, except maybe that you get an m$ terminal server along with the TS licenses for your users, and then use that to RDP into, or move to an alternative OS like Linux, where you don't have any such restrictions, provided your applications run on that platform.

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oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
i understand experts exchange legal stance on these matters and should be applauded for it's professional stance.
The instances that my clients use this is minimal , mostly they have a client records type application running on their desktop machine in the office with an administrator using it, whilst they will wish to access the application at the same time, or 2 remote machines accessing the desktop machine with centrally held records. It seems somewhat expensive and software heavy to add in terminal server and then terminal service clients.
I've looked at some pricing options and they are confusing to say the least, could someone please supply a simple costed option for a windows 8.1 box needing to talk to 2 concurrent rdp logins.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
As rindi stated - you CANNOT have multiple concurrent users on a Windows 8.1 (or any Windows client) system.  It violates licensing and amounts to THEFT.  Setup VDI (not cheap) or use an RDS server (not cheap, but cheaper than VDI) or setup multiple PCs.
Normally you would use a multiuser database which is centrally stored on a server, and then you connect with your remote PC using the database frontend utility installed on that remote PC to connect to the database on the server, via a VPN.

Another possibility could be to store the client data with your mail system in the address book, if you don't host your mail locally it would then be hosted with your mail provider.
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
A server based solution is not affordable in these instances, the simple solution is to kill concurrent access.
Awkward for them as it may be but for good reason.
 I immediately started looking at costing out a fully licensed option upon Rindi's first reply.
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