opening voice mail .wav outlook 2010, plays but no volume in windows media player

I have a couple Lenovo M98p desktops that when you click to open the .wav voice mail attachments in the inbox , Windows Media Player opens and plays, but no sound can be heard, speakers, desktop built in speaker, headset. I have checked that all other sounds do play fine, checked the volume control and mixer to verify the sound level and not muted, I have reinstalled the audio driver from the Lenovo Website and no luck. Win 7, SP1 64 bit, Office 2010, all updates installed.
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idfgConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turned out to be that the computers did not have external speakers (using built-in PC speaker) andthe player was set to play via 5.1 surround.  Changed to stereo and voice mail attachments started playing.
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