HP Layer 3 Mobility

Hello experts.  I have an issue that is completely perplexing me.  I have setup an HP MSM 720 WLC with HP 460 AP's.   The Access network is set to IP and Internet Network is  My wireless at my main location uses Vlan's 210 for Guest (Open, captive portal,, 215 for Employee (WPA2-PSK, and 220 for private (802.1x,  

The HP WLC controls the authentication and access for the Guest and Employee network.  It handles DHCP, DNS and everything else.  However, for Private it forwards authentication to our RADIUS server and DHCP/DNS to our DC.  So it basically does nothing other than broadcast the private SSID.  Everything at our main location works just fine.  Everyone can connect to their respective SSID's and browse the internet and access the resources they are supposed to.  

However, when I try to place an AP at a remote site (LanLink Metro Ethernet) the AP provisions just fine and I can connect and get to the internet using Guest and Employee, but Private doesn't work.  I can connect to it just fine and it obviously forwards my authentication credentials to my RADIUS server, but it won't pull an IP address.  Even if I assign a correct IP address and default gateway it still shows limited connectivity and I can't ping anything local.  I'm hoping someone with experience setting up HP wireless can help on this as I am at a loss.  If you need more info or screen shots please let me know.  Thanks.
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Craig BeckCommented:
Have you configured the AP/VSC to tunnel traffic back to the WLC or is it terminating traffic locally at the remote switch?
cmhtechAuthor Commented:
Terribly sorry this project ended up being put on the back burner and I never got a notification about this reply.  I am attempting to use the MTM to tunnel the traffic from the AP  to the WLC.  What is weird is after I checked the MTM and then set my Private network in local networks it worked for about 2 hours and then went back to giving me limited connectivity.
cmhtechAuthor Commented:
Nevermind I figured it out.  Every manual I read kept talking about home networks and user based networks and other useless crap that isn't needed to configure this correctly.  All I did was remove my private network from the local networks group, add a static route on the HP WiFi controller to point all traffic for my private network to the WLC access network default gateway, turned off DNS Interception and enabled Mobility Traffic Manager/Block users.

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cmhtechAuthor Commented:
Figured it out
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