Will shrinking my D;\ Drive to create space to expand my C:\ drive using windows expansion affect how my system function

Please see attached an image of what my question is about. I have 4 physical drives 2 separate Arrays A&B.
Array A have Drive C: and D:
Array B have Drive B: and L:

Both RAID1 setup.

For me to do a hardware expansion, I will have to purchase additional disk drive, but we are budget tight. I want to use Windows software extension by shrinking drive D: so I can have some disk space to add to Drive C: without any system file corruption or Windows start acting funny. Can this be done without no issue as far as windows start failing after the expansion.

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Windows does not allow to shift data and that's what you'd have to do. Once more: to extend c:, you would need space taken from d: "at the left side" not at the right - this is not possible using windows.
So you should go the recommended way of imaging all partitions, deleting d:, extending c:, creating a new, smaller d: and then restoring the contents of the d:-image to it.

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albsalluAuthor Commented:
so, you are suggesting moving all data from D: to some where else and then format it for me to be able to use 30-40 gb for C: and then recreate the D: partition again, correct?
Right. Move or image, outcome  is the same.
albsalluAuthor Commented:
It was difficult to follow your suggestion because the way the drive was configured, there was no space between C: and D: drive for me to extend C: Drive. I have to use a partition utilities tool.
I am wondering, what we talked about earlier. I told you to delete d: after imaging it - so that no partitioning tools would be needed. But go ahead, if you have one. But that is usually not the quickest nor safest solution.
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