Sharepoint 2010 - Secure Store error on creation every time

Every time I try to "Create New Secure Store Target Application", I enter the ID, Display Name etc etc and when I click Next it gives me the same error:
"Error. Your session has expired. Restart this wizard to continue."

I have tried it many times and always the same error so I cannot create a Secure Store.
I have restarted the SERVICE but it makes no difference. I've created a new KEY but no difference.

Does anyone have a solution to get this working? Without this, I am unable to access any external data connections from within SharePoint as using methods other than the Secure Store do not work either.

Many thanks
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I remember similar session expired errors when the Server name contains an underscore.

You may rename the server(s) name, remove trouble some Service Apps if there is any  and try creating Secure store again.

Hope it may help you.


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stack888Author Commented:
Hi ShareD, thanks for the reply.
The Server does contain an underscore. In fact our naming convention has always been to use underscores for Server names specifically because it usually doesn't create any problem with any other system or software. If thats the reason, this is a real Bug that Microsoft have in their product.
The Server is our only Sharepoint Server and in Production for the whole Company, so changing Server names would be very challenging.
I'll see if I can find any workaround if this is indeed the issue.
Many thanks!
stack888Author Commented:
after speaking to MS support, your suggestion that it was related to an underscore in the Server name was proved correct. We did find a workaround without having to change the Server name though by adding a DNS entry and another alternate name in Sharepoint so all is good now.
You are most welcome stack888.

It would be great if you could share the work around for future reference.
stack888Author Commented:
yes, it was just a case of creating another alternate name in sharepoint and the relevant DNS entry for this in active directory, then it would work. The Microsoft guy wasn't sure if it would work and had said if not, it would require a rebuild or reinstall, which was really not possible on a production server right now!
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