Any issue with putting a computer tower on it's side?

Any issue with putting a computer tower on it's side?  The only thing I can think of is that the DVD drive is not set up to be on it's side if it's position is horizontal.  I think a vertical drive would be more conducive to lay on it's side.  Other than that, any issues?  Thoughts?
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Nope, you shouldn't have an issue.

Most DVD players have little plastic hook pieces built into the tray.   So you can still load DVDs in this position.


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+1 on the above post.
I lay them down all the time, to work on them.
They work just fine that way.

Though, since this is going to be "permanent",  you might want to put some wood pieces, or some kind of "feet",  under it. Just to have a little air flow 'under the motherboard'.
You only need a finger or two. But it's not really necessary. But it can't hurt.   ; )
The important issue is cooling.
As long as you are not blocking air flow it may be OK. but only if the tower has sufficient cooling fans ( which is not common )
The design of a tower PC considers the cooling of its components... if you think that insufficient cooling may be an issue then do not consider putting it on its side.
Cooling may not be an issue if your PC is located in a cool location with sufficient ventilation and by raising the case from the surface with rubber grommets.

DVD drives work fine in any position and thus not an issue.

Vibration and overheating are the major causes of Hard Drive failure, so plan this into your choice of loation.  

Hope this helps.
MagsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys...great input!!
Thank you much.    : )
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