SQL Server 2012 - How to stop a Restore that never completes

A few days ago I was doing some DB restores on my test server. In the course of the restore of one database, call it Gen1, somehow got messed up. The normal restore (from device) was closed, but the Object Explorer pane continued to say Gen1 (Restoring...). I closed SSMS and went on to other things. Today when I started SSMS, it still says Gen1 (Restoring...).

If I try to take it offline, it says I cannot. Detach is unavailable. I Stopped SQL Server, deleted the .mdf and .ldf and restarted SQL Server. Opened SSMS again. Still says Gen1 (Restoring...)

What do I need to do to get SQL Server to just give up on that restore task?
Douglass MacLeanCTOAsked:
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Philip PortnoySr. MS SQL DBA and Technical Account ManagerCommented:

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Marten RuneSQL Expert/Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Since you deleted the files, you'll need to issue:
drop database nameofdb;

now do your restore again, and make sure the above commented with recovery is selected.

Regards Marten
Douglass MacLeanCTOAuthor Commented:
Thank you both. Good set of answers
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