exchange 2013 service pack install failure

2013 exchange service pack 2013 failed during installation and I can not recover.
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Adam FarageEnterprise ArchCommented:
A bit more details would be helpful, such as the installation logs and errors you get when what you tried? Just saying..
2knetworksAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I am a first time user.  When I posted the question I thought I was just asking a question.  I did find out how to work around it.  As the service pack upgrades the different areas of Exchange is set all the services as disabled.  The problem is, some of the areas don't  have the correct scripting to re-enable the service to start it when it is done that part of the upgrade.

You need to watch the services and each time it moves onto another area it will disable them all.  At that point, set them all the manual.  (You can do this with a powershell script to make it quick.  You will have to do it about 8 times.)  It will then do the upgrade.  After that you just need to set the appropriate services to auto start.

Thank you Microsoft for doing such a great job of writing your service packs!!!!

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Adam FarageEnterprise ArchCommented:
That shouldnt happen.. within the MSI Package installer there should be a script in there that renables the services. Can you provide the setup log or check the setup log for or [DEBUG] flags?
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2knetworksAuthor Commented:
The log is attached.  I talked to one of our other engineers.  He said this is a known issue with Microsoft and they actually have a fix.  (Although, I could not find anything specific from Microsoft on it.)  He said it usually has to do with certain types of virus software and the interaction with the transport.  

I also read some information regarding this on Exchange 2010. That is what lead me toward looking at the services during the installation.
Adam FarageEnterprise ArchCommented:
The log is attached.  I talked to one of our other engineers.  He said this is a known issue with Microsoft and they actually have a fix.  (Although, I could not find anything specific from Microsoft on it.)

hrm, being that I worked @MSFT I never heard this before, unless the restart-service or start-service did not work on the clients machine. This is why after a CU is done being installed, you MUST reboot a machine afterwards as some services will deadlock when attempting to start (e.g: timeout).

If you look in the installer log, you see several instances where services are either started / restarted:
            restart-service MSExchangeServiceHost
            start-setupservice -ServiceName MSExchangeADTopology 
            start-SetupService -ServiceName MSExchangeDelivery

Open in new window

The list goes on. What I would recommend doing is looking through the log to figure out what services didnt start, and see what you see within this log on why... This is NOT normal since the old days of Exchange 2007 / Exchange 2010 RTM patching, but then again you should to restart post installation which would have had all of your services started either way. You should not have to set them to manual.
2knetworksAuthor Commented:
Resolved issue myself
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