Query Amazon with javascript

ok so I have been banging my head over this for sometime now and I think it is time to get you "Experts" involved.
I am trying to query amazon using JavaScript with the following code.  initially I am only trying to retrieve one record using its ASIN, but would like to have it search more than one  in the future.
The issue I am encountering is that although the initial call was successful upon running again the page renders and it is blank.  I am assuming that it is due to the signature but cannot figure out how to overcome.

Any help would be great.

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.xdomainajax.js"></script>



    url: 'http://ecs.amazonaws.com/onca/xml?'+
    type: 'GET',
    dataType: "xml",
    success: function(res) {

        var xml = $.parseXML(res.responseText);
        var $tmp = $( xml );
        var tmp2 = $tmp.find( "head" );

	error: function(){



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could you paste what you get with line 22?
jriver12Author Commented:
I don't get anything. Just blank screen.
unless some condition Ajax call are not allowed cross domain/protocol
that mean than your page residing on www.yourdomain.com CAN'T get data from ecs.amazonaws.com

you need to use a server side language to get the content and send it back to your page
1 - so your page call your server side function and ask him to dowload the right content
2 - your server get the content from amazon : ecs.amazonaws.com/onca/
3 - your server send the content requested to/by your page

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jriver12Author Commented:
I will check in am and update on condition.

jriver12Author Commented:
Well have had no luck. I have been trying to do it with coldfusion.
so ? you did not find any coldfusion proxy code? I posted one some months ago for a similar question
jriver12Author Commented:
no I have not, at least any that work.  Do you still have that code you posted?  If possible can I take a look?
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The question has either no comments or not enough useful information to be called an "answer".
jriver12Author Commented:
Thanks for the push in the right direction. unfortunately the new API would not render the information we needed.  

thanks again.
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