How do I get a combobox to scroll using arrow keys?

I have written a Windows Form Application where I have a form that has a ComboBox control. When using the Mouse I can scroll through the list and select the record I require with no problem. Unfortunately my user wants to be able to use the up / down arrow keys. This doesn't soon as I touch either key the record is selected and control returns to the form.

I have tried adding code to the KeyDown / KeyUp to replicate what I think the scrolling mouse would do but this doesn't work either!

I have copied the code below for reference.

Private Sub cmbCustomerName_KeyDown(sender As Object, e As KeyEventArgs) Handles cmbCustomerName.KeyDown

        Dim items As Integer = cmbCustomerName.Items.Count
        Dim i As Integer

        i = cmbCustomerName.SelectedIndex

        Select Case e.KeyCode
            Case Keys.Down
                cmbCustomerName.Text = cmbCustomerName.Items.Item(i + 1).ToString
            Case Keys.Up
                If i <> 0 Then
                    cmbCustomerName.Text = cmbCustomerName.Items.Item(i - 1).ToString
                End If
            Case Keys.Left

            Case Keys.Right

            Case Keys.Enter
        End Select

    End Sub
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Works fine for me.  Although I'm using VS2008.  When I populate a combobox with data I can scroll thru it with the up / down arrow keys, without having to code anything.
>as soon as I touch either key the record is selected and control returns to the form.

What code do you have in which event which selects the record and closes the form? I am guessing you have another key press event which needs to ignore the up/down keys.
ABM SupportIT SupportAuthor Commented:
Hi CodeCruiser

The only other events that relate to cmbCustomerName that are used are as follows:


Are you saying that either / both of these need to be changed?


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As you said that as soon as you press a key, record is selected and form is closed so there must be an event at form level which is doing that.

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ABM SupportIT SupportAuthor Commented:
Hi CodeCruiser

You were spot on, the code within the cmbCustomerName_TextChanged was causing the issue! I moved this in its entirity to within the Keys.Enter case of cmbCustomerName_KeyDown and it worked first time!

Many thanks

ABM SupportIT SupportAuthor Commented:
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