Have an application that needs an impact printer for multi-part forms.  This is a legacy app that does NOT recognize USB ports and OKI does not offer drivers for Win 7 64 bit!  Any suggestions?
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Don ThomsonCommented:
This is a trick we used to use way back when.

Install the Printer on an older Computer that you have drivers for. Share it and set the security for everyone.

Then go into the network on the PCs that need to access the printer and verify you can see it. Double click on it and see if it will install.  

Then open an administrative cmd prompt.

Type net use Ltp2: \\printservername\printersharename

That will set up the remote printer on LTP2  (You can use and LTPx  port you like)

The OKI ML 390 Turbo driver is in fact integrated into Win 7 64 Bit - You need to do the Windows update to see it

If you need to have the printer on the machines connected via USB but looking like a parallel port - there is nothing to stop you from doing it the same way

If your Machine name is Test123  and the share for the Oki is OKILTP2

Then do net use LPT2: \\Test123\OKILTP2

Best to put the command in a batch file that is in the startup folder so it resets itself on restart
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You can get a USB to Parallel cable if you need one. I did that in Windows 7 for an old Laser Printer.

Then try a text driver for the printer driver. See if that works.
raylabAuthor Commented:
John:  As stated, the legacy app does NOT work with USB.  Thanks anyhow.
DTH:  This is the only computer on the (closed) network.

This is a HVAC app where we are monitoring and controlling the heating and air conditioning environment in a building.  Proprietary s/w and closed network to prevent traffic contention and for security...
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
A cable converter eliminates USB and makes the driver work out of LPT1. That is why I suggested it.

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Don ThomsonCommented:
My Solution will work fine with a standalone PC - Just turn on network sharing and Share the printer - Then use the Administrative cmd  prompt to do the Net Use LPTx

You are sharing it to yourself but it should let you then assign the USB printer to an LTPx  port (virtual)
raylabAuthor Commented:
John:  Did not realize that but know that I think about it, I'll bet you are right.  Apologies.
DTH:  Hmmmmm.  Have to try that!
raylabAuthor Commented:
Even tho the Shared Network printer is set to Default (that is what this app prints to) it still did not work.  Thanks anyhow, both of you!

I am advising the client to purchase a new printer.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@raylab - Thank you and I was happy to help
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