Help with these interview questions in regards to citrix

Hello Guys,

I had a interview and these questions were asked, can you give me your answers in regards to these questions.

1 – To help provide consistency in a XenApp environment, there are at least three ways to deploy farm-wide settings to XenApp systems.  Name two.
2 – Which network port does the ICA protocol use by default?
3 – Is the information kept in the XenApp Data Store best described as static or dynamic?
4 – What happens to existing, active user sessions in XenApp when the IMA service is restarted?
5 – Can you name the feature that allows users to disconnect from their session and resume using it later from a different endpoint device?
6 – Which Citrix service is used for communication between XenApp servers?
tkgj11Sr. System EngineerAsked:
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Don MartinSolutions ArchitectCommented:
1. GPO and Console based policies.
2. 1494 or 2598 if session reliability is used.
3. Relativel static.
4. Nothing, if the service is restarted active sessions remain connected.
5. Workspace control
6. Citrix XML service.

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For #4, if the person that's interviewing you hasn't had hands-on with XenApp in a few years, he/she may insist that user sessions get disconnected when IMA is restarted.  That was true with Presentation Server 4.0 because that also restarted the dependent Citrix XTE Service, which is used for Session Reliability.
tkgj11Sr. System EngineerAuthor Commented:
this was the correct ansewrs.

thank you
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