Visio 2013 - Can't Move swimlane diagram down on page

I can't move the swimlane down the page.  (See graphic showing swimlane extending over top of page)  

errrWhen I select all, and press my down arrow, the entire page and diagram moves.  I just want the diagram to move down a little bit. (See actual attached visio diagram.)  I went to the protection button (in developer tab) and NOTHING was selected!  What the heck do I do now?

I tried copying the swimlane diagram and then pasting it onto a new blank visio file.  SAME RESULT!  I get white space at the bottom of the page and the actual diagram spilling over the top of the page.

ALSO,  I want to reduce the amount of blue space in my heading area and I can't grab the upper center handle to change the size of that area.   (see graphic)  My four-arrowed pointer does NOT change into a two-arrowed pointer.

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Hi BT,

Some things to check:

1. Is the heading locked in position? Go to Developer > Shape Design > Protection and look for checked X position and Y position.
2. Your heading looks like it might have a leading carriage return that is making it tall. Double-click and see if you can delete characters in front of the "H"
3. Turn page auto-size off or on and see what happens. Design > Page Setup > Auto Size. Some times you can toggle this on and off and get the page size to "recalculate".
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Hi Visio Guy:
1.  Everything is unchecked in developer shape design protection.
2.  No leading carriage return.
3.  Auto page size off is off.  
I also Uploaded the troublesome file in my original posting
Hmm. I can move your swimlane around just fine when I grab the heading shape. Even works on my touch screen!

Haven't figured out why the spacing above the "Heading" text seems so big though...
Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
If the entire page is moving up and down when you use the arrow keys, I think you've accidentally turned on Scroll Lock -- one of those obscure keys on the keyboard that nobody uses any more. It has nothing to do with Visio, per se, but does affect movement of objects on the screen. Find the key in the upper right part of the keyboard, press it (an indicator light will probably go off somewhere), and then try your arrow keys again.

The heading area in a swimlane diagram is a special structured shape type. Just as the swimlanes themselves are type = "Container", and the overall swimlane structure is type = "List", the heading area has a type = "Heading". You can confirm any of those three by opening the shapesheet and looking for a cell called User.msvStructureType. (There is background info on structured diagrams in this article.)

Having said that, the height of the heading area is controlled by a set of formula in the heading's shapesheet. It's possible to change the height but will require fiddling with several formula.

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brothertruffle880Author Commented:
I can't believe it was the friggin scroll lock key!!!
I must spent a half hour looking through the shape sheet!!!
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