Creating a PTR record for your Public IP when you own the IP block

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Normally when I need to create a PTR record for a customer's Public IP, I create the record with the ISP. As typically most customers just lease their static IP from an ISP.

Where do you create this record when your customer own their own IP block? hosts their external DNS zone. But there is no option to create a reverse zone, or, PTR record with them. I confirmed with GoDaddy support. The ISP says they don't own the IP so they can't help either.

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Gareth GudgerAsked:
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Gareth GudgerAuthor Commented:
Maybe I need to switch DNS providers. Ran across these guys.
Jan SpringerCommented:
If you have an allocation or assignment, then you need a DNS server to resolve your IP addresses into fully qualified domain names.

There are third parties that provide DNS service but you will still need to take care of pointing the inverse address subnet(s) to the correct DNS server(s).
Gareth GudgerAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I found what I need. Seems like I need to work with ARIN.NET to change our NAMESERVERS. Then I can use someone like DYN.COM to host the PTR records.

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Gareth GudgerAuthor Commented:
Found what I needed myself.
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