Make a class autobox & autounbox?

I see the Double class has autoboxing and unboxing, so I can do things like:
Double a = new Double(1.0);
Double b = new Double(2.0);
If (a < b) {

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Can I make my own data class that behaves the same way? Say I have a variable celsius, and celsius is an immutable instance of a Double, but it's a special kind of Double, it's a double that represents a Celsius temperature reading, so I would like to create a class Celsius, which is a Double, so I can do:
Celsius c = new Celcius(23.0);
Celsius d = new Celsius(24.0);
If (c < d) {

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But Java doesn't have operator overloading, and Double is a final class, so I can't extend it. Is there another way?
deleydSoftware EngineerAsked:
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Say I have a variable celsius, and celsius is an immutable instance of a Double
But it isn't. Double is final, so it can't be. What you mean is that you've initialized a custom class Celsius with a double. Boxing is only concerned with primitives, so is not relevant to your case.
deleydSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Yea that's my problem. Can I get my class Celsius to do the same thing the class Double does, so I can compare them using simple = < > instead of the cumbersome:
if(myCelsiusValue.compareTo(anotherCelsiusValue) > 0) {

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Instead I'd like to be able to:
if(myCelsiusValue > anotherCelsiusValue) {

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But I'd also like the Celsius variable to be a Celsius variable so I can also do:
public void myMethod(Celsius value) {

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That way I can ensure the value being pass is a Celsius value and not just any Double.  e.g. it's not a Fahrenheit variable.
Jeffrey Dake Senior Director of TechnologyCommented:
You wouldn't be able to use the autoboxing and the < format, but you could make your class implement comparable and then do something like.

If (a.compareTo(b) < 0) 

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Like CEHJ said, the autoboxing is really only for primitives, so you will need to use function calls for your case.
but you could make your class implement comparable
Yes, that's the best you can do

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