dual monitor (DVI) is causing display to go blank on boot-up after windows logo appears

Dear expert,

I have a user with an HP Probook G45 laptop connected to an HP docking station.

I have a user that has an HP monitor connected to the docking station via VGA and everything works great, no issues no problems.  While the computer is up and running, the user connects a 2nd HP monitor to the docking station, via DVI and everything works great, no issues no problems.  You can move windows between screens, you switch/swap primary monitor to secondary monitor and vice versa, everything works great.  The problem occurs when the user shutdowns the laptop and re-boots.

When the user re-boots the laptop, the windows logo appears on both monitors; then after the windows logo goes away, both screens go blank and nothing is displayed.  When I un-plug the 2nd monitor (DVI) cable from the docking station, the primary monitor (VGA) displays the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen.  Upon logging on, the user can plug the DVI cable back in to the docking station and everything is good again ....... until the user shuts down and re-boots.

This is a puzzling one.  Any ideas for me to try?  Is there a BIOS setting that I need to look at?  Do both monitors have to be of the DVI type?

I went to another laptop (albeit, an HP Elitebook) and tried the same combination of monitors (VGA primary, DVI secondary) and when the user re-booted, both monitors came up just fine, just like it is suppose to.

Any guidance you can give me would be appreciated.  Please note: this is not an emergency.  The user is up and running with the VGA monitor, but the 2nd monitor would be nice.

Thank you,
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When you say you tried another laptop, was that with this dock or the other laptop's dock?  If the other laptop worked with this laptop's dock, it sounds like just a video driver.  Compare the versions on the two laptops and update or downgrade as needed.
sla0610Author Commented:

It was with the other laptop's dock.

I'll check the video driver and get back to you.

it may be a day or so before I'll can get back to you.

In that case it may just be a fault with the dock. I dont suppose you can try the problem laptop in the dock that worked?

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sla0610Author Commented:

I am going to try a dock swap.  At the time I was working with the user, I couldnt swap out the dock.  I will look at swapping the dock either later today or tomorrow.

sla0610Author Commented:

As it turns out, the user has an HP Probook 6465b laptop.  In searching HP forums, I found that a dual monitor setup for this style laptop loses dual monitor connections when connected via a docking station.  Here is the link ...http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-HP-ProBook-EliteBook/HP-6565b-loses-dual-monitor-connections-when-connected-through/td-p/5442565.

I tried all possible troubleshooting technics, connecting dual monitors via: As you suggested, I updated the display drivers first.  Then I tried all different combinations vga and dvi; via vga and display port; via display port and dvi.

No matter what I tried it did not work.  I also swapped out the docking stations and still nothing worked.  I, then, brought my laptop (HP Probook 6475b) and docked it in the user's docking station and all was well.  I shutdown and re-booted 4 times and all 4 times, my laptop displayed both screens.

So, the solution is going to be to upgrade the user from a 6465b to another style laptop.

Thanks for your suggestions.

sla0610Author Commented:
While the expert, technically didnt solve my issue, they pointed me in the right direction.
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