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encrypt pw in PS scripts

Script to move users to Exchange Online.  How do I encrypt the password in these automated scripts, as below, using Task Scheduler?

$cred = New-Object System.management.automation.PSCredential "kati.3dougherty@twdc.onmicrosoft.com", (convertTo-SecureString "Pass123" -AsPlainText -Force)
$cred1 = New-Object System.management.automation.PSCredential "wdw\3dougk035", (convertTo-SecureString "Pass123" -AsPlainText -Force)
Kati Dougherty
Kati Dougherty
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Philip PortnoyCommented:
The only way to encrypt PowerShell script (to hide the hard-coded password in your case) is converting script to Secure-String.

You can use a function that will enrypt the script into SecureString (.bin):

function Encrypt-Script($path, $destination) {
  $script = Get-Content $path | Out-String
  $secure = ConvertTo-SecureString $script -asPlainText -force
  $export = $secure | ConvertFrom-SecureString
  Set-Content $destination $export
  "Script '$path' has been encrypted as '$destination'"

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Now when you look at the content, it's encrypted:

Get-Content $home\secure.bin

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You can create a function that will execute encrypted script:

function Execute-EncryptedScript($path) {
  trap { "Decryption failed"; break }
  $raw = Get-Content $path
  $secure = ConvertTo-SecureString $raw
  $helper = New-Object system.Management.Automation.PSCredential("test", $secure)
  $plain = $helper.GetNetworkCredential().Password
  Invoke-Expression $plain

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And call this function to execute:

Execute-EncryptedScript $home\secure.bin

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Please note that you're using your Windows identity to encrypt the script, so only your user will be able to decrypt.
Kati DoughertyAuthor Commented:
Awesome!!  Thanks so much.  I will try this and re-post.  THANKS!!

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